Arogya Vatika

Aarogya Vatika is an exclusive health corner launched by Navbharat Times, under which plant species of high medicinal quality and immunity are planted in various city parks, so that the general public can learn about the health benefits of plants available around you.


The purpose of establishing the Aarogya Vatikas in educational institutions is to educate the students about the ancient the various Indian traditions of medicinal plants and their various uses. According to scientists, the common man can also grow medicinal plants at home in kitchen and yard gardens and turn the resulting waste into fertilizer.

Objective of Arogya Vatika

Arogya Vatika is a special health corner where plants and herbs of high medicinal value and those that strengthen the immune system are planted. The main aim of launching Aarogya Vatika are to plant such plants in different city parks across all cities so as to make the citizens aware of their health benefits .

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