Amazon Quiz Time Answers- 21st January 2020

1) ADNEC, the venue for the  ‘World Future Energy Summit 2020’ is located in which city?
Answer: Abu Dhabi

2) Few of the names of editions of which reality show are’ Your Gang, Your Glory’, ‘Rising’, ‘Extreme’, ‘Real Heroes’ and ‘Revolution’?
Answer: Roadies

3) GS Lakshmi is the first woman to do what in the world of cricket?
Answer: Match referee for a men’s ODI

4)Which of these movies received the most number of Oscar Nominations in 2020? (Hint: It has received 11 Oscar Nominations)
Answer: Joker

5)The 2020 edition of which league featuring teams such as the Raptors, Warriors, Hunters, Rockets started on January 20th, 2020?
Answer:  Premier Badminton League

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