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Quiz 152: General Studies for State PSC Examinations

1. Presence of which among the following minerals in Banana makes them slightly radioactive? [A] Sodium[B] Calcium[C] Magnesium[D] Pottasium Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Pottasium] Notes:Slight radioactivity of Banana is due to presence of K-40. 2.  Bile is secreted by which of the following cells? [A] Hepatocytes[B] Brown Fat Cells[C] Lymphocytes[D] Somatocytes Show Answer Correct ..

Quiz 151: GK for SSC-CGL Examinations

1. Which among the following are directly linked to Vedic Literature: Dharamasutra Acaranga Sutra Avatamsaka Sutra Choose the correct option: [A] Only 1[B] 1 & 2[C] 1 & 3[D] 1, 2 & 3 Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Only 1] 2. Which of the following provisions of the constitution did not come into force on ..

Quiz 150 : World Geography

1. Who among the following is associated with the discovery of rings of Saturn? [A] Galileo [B] Newton[C] Edmund Halley[D] Einstein Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Galileo ] 2. What is the length of day and night when the rays from the Sun directly (vertically ) fall on equator? [A] Day is lengthier than Night[B] ..

Quiz 149: Indian History for Civil Services Exams

1. Lord Jagannath is related to which of the following place? [A] Ujjain[B] Bhubneshwar[C] Puri[D] Hyderabad Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Puri] 2. Which among the following sites gives an evidence of maritime trade in harappan era? [A] Mohen-jo dero[B] Lothal[C] Kalibangan[D] Harappa Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Lothal] 3. Fa-Hien who came to visit ..

Quiz 148: General Knowledge Questions for all Examinations

1. Who among the following is called the architect of Indian Five Year Planning? [A] Jawaharlal Nehru[B] C D Deshmukh[C] PC Mahalnobis[D] Sardar Balwant Singh Show Answer Correct Answer: C [PC Mahalnobis] 2. G-77 is a group of _________? [A] Capitalist countries[B] Socialist countries[C] Developing countries[D] Underdeveloped Countries Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Developing countries] ..

Quiz 147 : General Science

1. Vitamin A, D & C are respectively called as ____________ ? [A] Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, Calciferol[B] Retinol, Calciferol, Ascorbic Acid[C] Pyridoxal. Calciferol. Ascorbic Acid[D] Ascorbic Acid, Pyridoxal. Calciferol Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Retinol, Calciferol, Ascorbic Acid] 2. Sugar , Amino Acids, & Nucleotides are constituents of respectively ___________ ? [A] Polysaccharides, Proteins. Nucleic ..

Quiz 146 : Indian Economy

1. In India, which of the following has the largest area under cultivation? [A] Rice[B] Wheat[C] Cotton[D] Pulses Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Rice] 2. Which among the following increases by Credit creation? [A] Real national income[B] supply of money[C] real wealth of people[D] Percapita income Show Answer Correct Answer: B [supply of money] 3. ..