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Quiz 158: General Science

1. In peaches, cherries, plums, and apricots the edible parts are ? [A] endocarp[B] mesocarp[C] exocarp[D] none of the above Show Answer Correct Answer: A [endocarp] Notes:Endocarp is a botanical term for the inside layer of the pericarp (or fruit), which directly surrounds the seeds. It may be membranous as in citrus where it is ..

Quiz 157: GK for Bank PO Examinations

1. The USO fund or Universal Service Obligation Fund is related to which of the following sector? [A] Telecommunication[B] Software Industry[C] Export Promotion[D] Import Promotion Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Telecommunication] Notes:The Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) was established with the fundamental objective of providing access to ‘Basic’ telegraph services to people in the rural ..

Mega Quiz July (Second) Based Upon Current Affairs

1.Rameshwar Thakur has been recently appointed as Governor of _________ ?(A)Karnataka(B)Andhra Pradesh(C)Madhya Pradesh 2.Who is the newly appointed Governor of Bihar ?(A)Balram Jhakhar(B)Devanand Konvar(C)R. L. Bhatia 3.Who was honored with the Life time achievement award in the recently held IIFA Awards 2009?(A)Amitabh Bachchan(B)Rajesh Khanna(C)Shatrughan Sinha 4.”Harit Rajasthan’ which is a flagship programme of Chief Minister ..

Vocab Practice Quiz 12

Each question presents a sentence with a word or phrase in bold. Find the word or phrase which is similar in meaning to the word in bold. 1.Love remained serene in the midst of turbulence. (A)Meak(B)Calm(C)Solemn 2.75 % attendance is obligatory in the classroom.(A)useful(B)required(C)safe 3.After making some quick money Robert did an impetuous display of ..

Quiz 156: Geography

1. Leu is the standard currency of __________? [A] Romania[B] Denmark[C] Serbia[D] Laos Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Romania] 2. Which among the following is the correct definition of ” Annual Precipitation” of a particular place / area? [A] All forms of precipitation converted to the quantity of liquid water[B] All forms of precipitation converted ..

Quiz 155: Indian History for Civil Services Exams

1. Battle of the Hydaspes was fought between Alexander and King Porus in 326 BC. Hydapses means which river________? [A] Jelum[B] Indus[C] Beas[D] Ravi Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Jelum] Notes:Alexander invaded India in 326 BC. In 326 BC, the Battle of Hydaspes was fought between Alexender the great and Porus along the banks of ..

Quiz 154: Indian Polity & Constitution

1. Gandhi may die, but Gandhism will remain forever” In which session of Indian National Congress Gandhi ji said this? [A] Lucknow 1916[B] Nagpur 1921[C] Karachi 1931[D] Ramgarh 1940 Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Karachi 1931] 2. Lucknow pact was signed between Indian National Congress and _____________ in 1916? [A] Muslim League[B] Lord Irwin[C] Ghadar ..

Quiz 153: General Science : Everyday Chemistry

1. Galena & Litharge are ores of which of the following metals? [A] Mercury[B] Zinc[C] Copper[D] Lead Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Lead] 2. Graphite, Carbon and Diamonds are _________? [A] Isotopes[B] Isomers[C] Isotones[D] Allotropes Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Allotropes] Notes:Some chemical elements are known to exist in two or more different forms because ..