What challenges have been posed by globalization to the institutions of state viz. legislative, executive, and judicial? Discuss.

The biggest challenges posed by globalization to institutions of state, is the danger of globalization rendering state autonomy and sovereignty redundant. The bulldozing power of MNCs has capability to render the small nation states as economically dependent, politically powerless and socio-culturally faceless. The global financial capitalism can render the nations to adopt neo-liberal economic policies to stay competitive in the market. This leads to states obliging their sovereignty to larger units such as WTO, World Bank, IMF, EU and so on.
As far as challenges to legislative, executive, and judicial institutons are concerned, some of them are as follows:
For legislature

  • The pressures of organizations such as WTO, need of legal compliance with multi-lateral organizations, undue pressure from foreign funding in electoral process etc. pose challenge to parliamentary sovereignty.

For executive

  • Pressure on government to handle the regional imbalance caused by globalization due to differential development among states and disputes arising out of the same.
  • Pressure on government due to powerful lobbies of MNCs.

For Judiciary

  • Issues cropping up in front of judiciary due to international legal compliance conflicting with national interests for example in Hague Convention on child abduction.
  • The powerful MNCs can engage in too many litigations to overburden the already under pressure judiciary.

On an extremely pessimistic tone, globalization has power to hasten the demise of nation states.


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