Indian Economy MCQs

Indian Economy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Indian Economy for competitive examinations.

71. Which among the following was the first Government Company to be privatized in India?

[A] Hotel Corporation of India
[B] Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd
[C] Maruti Udyog Limited
[D] Modern Foods Industries Limited

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72. Microcredit or microfinance is a novel approach to banking with the poor through Self Help Groups or SHGs. However, the Microfinance Institutions or MFI’s have now replaced the SHGs with JLGs. What does the JLG most commonly stands for?

[A] Joint Lending Groups
[B] Joint Liability Groups
[C] Joint Local Groups
[D] Joint Lenders Groups

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73. Central Employment Guarantee Council overlooks the progress of which among the following scheme?

[B] Food for Works Programme
[C] National Rural Livelihood Mission
[D] All of them

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74. Which among the following was not Stipulated in the Fiscal Responsibility And Budget Management Act 2003?

[A] Elimination of revenue deficit
[B] Elimination of primay deficit
[C] Non-borrowing by the central government from RBI except in certain situations
[D] Fixing government guarantees in any financial year as a percentage of GDP

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75. What are the General Anti-Avoidance Rules?

[A] GAAR is a set of rules aimed at curbing aggressive tax planning
[B] GAAR is a set of rules aimed at curbing money laundering by Indians to Foreign countries
[C] GAAR is a set of rules aimed at regulating investments by Indians in foreign Countries
[D] GAAR is a set of rules aimed at regulating investments by Foreigners in India

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76. Maximum share in India’s total external debt is of which among the following currency?

[A] US Dollar
[B] Indian Rupee
[C] Euro
[D] Japanese Yen

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77. If you go to the market and purchase an Air conditioner for your factory, then in economic terminology, you are most probably doing which among the following?

[A] Consumption
[B] Production
[C] Asset Creation
[D] Investment

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78. Reserve Tranche Position (RTP) is a term used in context with ____?

[A] Reserve Bank of India
[B] Federal Reserve Bank (of America)
[C] World Bank
[D] International Monetary Fund

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79. Currently, which among the following products is facing imports ban from China?

[A] Milk and Milk products
[B] Rice
[C] Telecom equipment
[D] Heavy electrical engineering equipment

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80. When is the total utility maximum?

[A] Marginal utility is maximum
[B] Marginal utility = 0
[C] Marginal utility is minimum
[D] None of the above

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