Quiz 96 : GK For SSC Examinations

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1. Consider the following:

  1. Help ISRO in Research
  2. Help Department of Space in New Discoveries
  3. Commercially sell Products & Services of Indian Space

Which among the above is / are the correct objectives of ANTRIX?

[A] 1 & 2
[B] 2 & 3
[C] Only 2
[D] Only 3

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2. Which among the following diseases is also known as “Pink Eye”?

[A] Conjunctivitis
[B] Myopia
[C] Astigmatism
[D] Presbyopia

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3. Which among the following is used to listen and record underwater sounds?

[A] Altimeter
[C] Hydrophone

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4. Which among the following is measured using a Vernier Calliper?

[A] Dimensions
[B] Time
[C] Sound
[D] Temperature

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5. Who among the following are considered to be the first owners of Koh-i-noor diamond?

[A] Kakatiyas
[B] Khiljis
[C] Tughlaqs
[D] Mughals

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6. Vedic mythology refers to an ancient settlement called Pushkalavati after Pushkal, who was the son of King Bharata in the epic Ramayan. What is the modern location of Pushkalavati?

[A] Panipat
[B] Pushkar
[C] Peshawar (in Pakistan)
[D] Punjab

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7. Which among the following is the correct location of Adrenal Glands in Human Body?

[A] Above kidneys
[B] Below kidneys
[C] Above Medulla Oblongata
[D] Near Pancreases

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8. Who was the first Indian to get elected in House of commons?

[A] Bhikaji Kama
[B] JRD Tata
[C] Dadabhai Naoroji
[D] Dinshaw Edulji Wacha

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9. Which among the following is the official language of Union Territory of Lakshadweep ?

[A] Tamil
[B] Malayalam
[C] Great Andamanese
[D] Sinhala

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10. Baba Amte is known for which of the following social work?

[A] Work for Poor & homeless people
[B] Work To Save Ganga
[C] Work for Leprosy Patients
[D] Work for Landless laborers

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