Quiz 574: Current General Awareness for All Examinations

1. Which among the following Public Sector Giants of India have recently launched the “Harit-Moksha”, a unique CSR initiative for bringing in energy efficiency in the cremation sector?

2. Lt. Gen Palvinder Singh Bhalla was recently appointed the head of which among the following organizations?

3. If a bank launched a “CASA campaign” , which among the following would be the most probable objective of such campaign?
[A]To bring down Non-performing Assets (NPA)
[B]To develop better customer relations
[C]To bring in more new customers
[D]To provide no frill services

4. Who among the following heads the National Integration Council in India?
[B]Vice President
[C]Prime Minister
[D]A retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court

5. 14th September, 1949 Constitution-makers of the country decided to accord the status of _________ to Hindi.
Choose the most correct option:
[A]National Language of India
[B]Official Language of India
[C]Official Language of Union
[D]National Language of Union

6. “Prime Minister’s 15 Point Programme” in India is related to which among the following segments of society?
[A]BPL families
[C]Unemployed Poors
[D]Rural Old Age people

7. The Integrated Action Plan (IAP) is aimed at bridging the development deficit in the extremely backward areas that are affected by ______.
Choose the most correct option:
[C]Left Wing Extremism
[D]Widespread Poverty

8. ” Maulana Azad National Fellowship scheme” is available in India for the students of which among the following?
[B]BPL Families of Muslims
[C]BPL Families of 5 Notified Minorities
[D]5 Notified Minorities

9. Where are the headquarters of Biodiversity International?

10. The IVFRT project is related to which among the following?
[A]Public Health
[B]Population Control
[C]Tax Revenue

11. “Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan” covers the students from which among the following age groups?
[A]10-14 Years
[B]12-16 Years
[C]14-18 Years
[D]14-16 Years

12. In which year, the restructured Twenty Point Programme (TPP) became effective?

13. The “Perform-Achieve-Trade” (PAT) Scheme has been launched for which among the following sectors in India?

14. Recently, India has proposed a special $ 10 Billion Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) fund for which among the following organizations?
[D]Non-Aligned Movement

15. Which among the following is the fifth generation fighter in being developed by India and Russia?
[A]Mikoyan MiG-35
[B]Lockheed JetStar
[D]Mitsubishi F-2

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