Quiz 528: For UPSC Examinations

1. “Cervus elaphus hanglu” is the state animal of which among the following states?
(A)Jammu & Kashmir
(B)Himachal Pradesh
(D)Arunachal Pradesh

2. “Congress is in reality a Civil war without arms”
Who among the following made the above remarks in regard to Congress?
(A)Lord Dufferin
(B)Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(C)Syed Ahamad Khan
(D)Lord Curzon

3. “Can a revolution in the Indian government be authorized by Parliament without consulting the wishes of vast millions of men for whose benefit it is proposed to made? The reply must be in the negative. The time has nearly come when all Indian questions must be solved by Indians”
The above snippet was one of the first expressions of patriotic thought in the Indian Newspapers. From which of the following newspapers, this snippet has been taken?
(A)Indian Opinion
(C)Hindu Patriot
(D)Amrit Bazar Patrika

4. A ball is released from a height above the ground. What will be its velocity after 5 seconds?
(A)37 m/s
(B)43 m/s
(C)49 m/s
(D)59 m/s

5. A bill which affects the meaning and scope of which among the following can be introduced in the parliament only on recommendation of President of India?
(A)Foreign Loans
(B)Corporation Tax
(C)Tax on Agriculture Income
(D)Export Duties

6. A person is standing in front of a wall and makes a sound. What should be the normal minimum distance between the person and the wall , so that the person hears echo?
(A)6 meters
(B)13 meters
(C)17 meters
(D)22 meters

7. A recent Constitution Amendment bill proposes to Insert a new article 43 B in Part IV of the Constitution of India. This new article in directive principles of state policy is related to which among the following?
(A)Rural Business Hubs
(B)Cooperative Societies
(C)Village Panchayats
(D)Forest Development

8. A resolution by which among the following established the Planning commission in 1950 as an extra constitutional body?
(A)Prime Minister
(C)Lok Sabha

9. A ship starts its journey from Kandla port on west coast of India for Kolkata Port on East Coast. Which among the following is a correct set of the major ports of India coming on the way? (Don’t include Port Blair)
(A)Mumbai, Cochin, Tuticorin, Ennore, Paradip
(B)Mumbai, Tuticorin, Ennore, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam
(C)Mumbai, Mormugao, Cochin, Ennore, Chennai
(D)Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Haldia, Paradip

10. A tablet of which among the following Vitamins should be advised to be used after purification of water by Iodine as a disinfectant?
(A)Vitamin A
(B)Vitamin C
(C)Vitamin D
(D)Vitamin K

11. A treatment with which among the following plant hormones would prevent water loss from the plant leaves, by reducing transpiration, in times of low water availability?
(B)Abscisic Acid
(C)Gibberelic Acid

12. Acid rain is capable of damaging the buildings and historic monuments which are made up of rocks such as limestone and marble. Which among the following is the end product of such reaction?
(A)Quick Lime
(B)Calcium Carbonate
(C)Calcium Hydroxide

13. After the revolt of 1857, via the Government of India Act 1858, the Crown had assumed the direct responsibility for the Government of India. By this act, all legislative, administrative and Financial Powers came to be concentrated in which among the following?
(A)Viceroy and Governor General
(B)Viceroy’s and his council
(C)Secretary of State for India and his council
(D)Viceroy’s Council

14. Against the menace of which of the following diseases ‘Yellow Ribbon Campaign’ has been launched in several states in India?
(B)Swine Flu
(D)Small Pox

15. Aichi Target is the outcome of which among the following protocols / summits ?
(A)Kyoto Protocol
(B)Nagoya Protocol
(C)Copenhagen Climate Summit
(D)Bali Communiqué

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  • madhan

    can u plz explain q 12 sir?

    • admin

      Acid rain is capable of damaging the buildings and historic monuments which are made up of rocks such as limestone and marble. This is because these rocks contain a large amount of Calcium Carbonate, which reacts with the Sulfuric Acid to create Gypsum. Gypsum flakes off easily. This is shown in the following reaction:
      CaCO3 (s) + H2SO4 (aq) →CaSO4 (aq) + CO2 (g) + H2O (l)

  • bharat

    sir in q 9 why the ship went to tuticorien while there is no passing of ships from bay of mannar…???

  • madhan

    Thank U sir..Please add more science related questions sir

  • badal

    sir can you please explain the calculation s for q4 and q6

    • admin

      Q. 4:
      The initial velocity is u=0, acceleration a= 9.8 m²/s, time t=5 s
      Last velocity= Initial Velocity + (Acceleration x time)
      v = u+ at
      v=0 + 9.8×5
      = 49 m/s

      Q. 6:
      When dealing with audible frequencies, the human ear cannot distinguish an echo from the original sound if the delay is less than 1/10 of a second. Thus, since the velocity of sound is approximately 343 m/s at a normal room temperature of about 20°C, the reflecting object must be more than 17.15 m from the sound source at this temperature for an echo to be heard by a person at the source.

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    sir can you give us a summary of nagaya protocol?

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