Quiz 464 : GK For All Examinations

1.The terms “Technical foul” and “Flagrant Foul” are most commonly associated with which of the following sports?
(A)Table Tennis
(C)Basket Ball

2.Which among the following is/ are considered to be the first tangible evidence of expansion of Buddhism?
(A)Statues of Buddha
(B)Edicts of Ashoka
(D)Jataka Tales

3.”Leila Seth” was the first woman Judge of a State High Court in India. Which High court?
(A)Allahabad High Court
(B)Delhi High Court
(C)High Court of Bombay
(D)Kolkata High Court

4.In which year, Nalanda University was finally destroyed?
(A)993 AD
(B)1093 AD
(C)1193 AD
(D)1293 AD

5.Consider the following:
1. Nepal
2. Bangladesh
3. Bhutan
Which among the above lie on either side of the “Siliguri Corridor” that connects India with its North East states?
(A)1 & 2
(B)2 & 3
(C)1 & 3
(D)1, 2 & 3

6.In which state / Union Territory is located “Kuttanad” a place which is with the lowest altitude in India and is one of the places in the word, where agriculture is carried out below sea level?
(A)Tamil Nadu
(C)Andaman & Nicobar Islands

7.Watson’s Hotel or Esplanade Mansion, which is India’s oldest surviving cast Iron Building is located in which of the following cities?

8.The ONLY active volcano of South Asia is located in which of the following countries?
(B)Sri Lanka

9.”Battle of Talikota” resulted in the end of which of the following?
(A)Deccan Sultanates
(B)Madurai Sultanate
(C)Pandya Empire
(D)Vijayanagar Empire

10.Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav was India’s first Individual Olympic Medalist winning a Bronze Medal in 1952 Helsinki Games in which of the following?

11.Where is located the famous Lalita Mahal that was specially built as a residence of Viceroy of British India?

12.The Jakarta History Museum located in old Jakarta, Indonesia was once used as the headquarters of which of the following?
(A)British East India Company
(B)Dutch East India Company
(C)Portuguese East India Company
(D)Danish East India Company

13.”Faith is a Battle” is the biographical work on which of the following personalities?
(A)Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(B)Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
(C)Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(D)None of them

14.”Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary” in Kutch, Gujarat is most famous for which of the following?

15.Who among the following was behind the “epoch making” discovery of Arthashastra that altered the false perception of the European scholars that Ancient Indians learnt the art of administration from the Greeks?
(A)R. Shamasastry
(B)C. Sivarama Murti
(C)K. S. Neelakantan Unni
(D)Veturi Prabhakara Sastri

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  • Anonymous

    Kindly check the answer of Question No. 3…
    i think it's Himachal Pradesh High court….
    please check this….

  • Admin

    No, Its correct Leila Seth