Quiz 398: General Awareness for all Upcoming Examinations

1.Where is located the Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology?

2.Which among the following options does not mention Correct Location of India’s Biosphere Reserves?
(A)Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve – Tamilnadu
(B)Nokrek Biosphere Reserve – Meghalaya
(C)Similipal Biosphere Reserve – Orrisa
(D)Dehang-Debang Biosphere reserve – Arunachal Pradesh
(E)all matched correctly

How Many Biosphere Reserves in India?
3.Girish Wagh is related to which of the following Indian Giants ?
(A)Tata Motors
(B)Birla Cement
(C)Reliance Industries
(D)Wipro technologies
(E)Mahindra Satyam

4.How many countries of Southern Africa make Southern African Customs Union (SACU)?

Which is the Oldest Custom Union in the World?
5.Over the recent few years, the role of which of the following international organization has assumed a greater role even bigger to a crisis management body and sometimes even challenging the existence of the Bretton Woods brothers (World Bank and International Monetary Fund) ?
(A)G 77
(B)G 20

6.Which among the following statement is incorrect?
(A)Bharat Nirman is a six pronged programme and was launched in 2005
(B)NREGA, which is now MGNREGA has been expanded to cover all 604 districts of the country in April 2008
(C)13 existing medical institutions are being upgraded on lines of AIIMS for which Budgetary allocation made in last few years
(D)Budgetary allocation for education stands at Rs 34,400 crore this year
(E)National Maritime Development Programme was launched in 2008

7.In context with Gender Budgeting in India, In which of the following Annual Economic Surveys, a new section on Gender Inequality in the Chapter on Social Sector was added taking inputs from the report submitted by “National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPF&P;)” on Gender

8.Approximately what fraction of gas output in India is being contributed by the KG-D6 of Reliance?

9.Which of the following Internet Giants has recently mapped Britain’s all WiFi networks in order to use the database for commercial purposes through its internet search?
(D)None of them

10.In which of the following disciplines the Fields Medal is considered as equivalent to Nobel Prize?
(D)Defense technology
(E)Shipping Technology

11.The TV ad “Morning in America” was part of the election campaign of which of the following U.S. presidential candidates?
(A)Bill Clinton
(B)George W Bush
(C)Barack Obama
(D)Ronald Reagan
(E)George H. W. Bush

12.Who among the following is the new president-elect of the Philippines ?
(A)Jejomar Binay
(B)Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
(C)Noynoy Aquino
(D)Jose Yap
(E)None of them

13.Who among the following is the new Premier of North Korea?
(A)Kim Jong-Il
(B)Choe Yong-rim
(C)Kim Yong-nam
(D)Pak Pong-ju
(E)None of them

14.What is the meaning of the Thai word Phet recently given to a Tropical Cyclone ?

15.What is the nationality of Francesca Schiavone, the Women’s single winner of 2010 French Open?

16.Who among the following established First advertising agency of the world?
(A)Volney B. Palmer
(B)George Reynell
(C)Charles Barker
(D)William James Carlton
(E)None of them

17.In which date the IT department observes the Income Tax Day ?
(A)July 1
(B)July 24
(C)June 25
(D)September 4
(E)March 31

18.The recommendation by KF Rustamji committee led to setting up of which of the following ?
(A)Border Security Forces
(B)Indian Coast Guard
(C)Sashastra Seema Bal
(E)None of them

19.Where was recently held the World-Wide-Web: Technology, Standards and Internationalization conference ?

20.Which of the following part of Africa is called “Horn of Africa”?
(A)westernmost projection of the African continent.
(B)easternmost projection of the African continent.
(C)southernmost part of the African continent.
(D)North west part of African continent.
(E)None of them

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