Quiz 332: Miscellaneous General Awareness for All Examinations

In which country  Black Hill, Blue Hill & Green Hill Mountains are located?
Which of the following Mughal emperors was famous as Shah-i-Bekhabar ?
Three R’s of Football are famous in which country ?
How many subjects are there in Eleventh schedule which was added by the 73rd amendment Bill (1992) enshrining powers, authority and responsibilities of Panchayats?
The following years a national emergency has been proclaimed so far ?
"For next fifty years let Mother India be the only God to be worshipped by the Indians." Who among the following said this ?
Who among the following was first black Formula One World Champion in history?
Who among the following viceroys of India wrote a book titled "Persia and the Persian Question"?
Which of the following Mughal emperor was known as Prince Khurram?
Which of the following events happened in AD Era?


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