Quiz 288: GK for SSC-CGL – 2019

When a person has a saving account in the bank , the bank assumes the position of ___?
Which among the following is a Bank rate?
An investor or speculator who subscribes to a new issue with the intention of selling them soon after allotment to realize a quick profit is called?
The Unclaimed deposits are those deposits which haven’t been operated for ______?
Which among the following is not used by Reserve Bank of India for quantitative Control of Credit ?
Which among the following is also called as permanent council of economic cooperation?
The International Mobile Equipment Identity IMEI is a unique code used to identify an individual mobile phone. How may digits are in IMEI number?
Which among the following bodies maintain a worldwide database of genuine IMEI numbers?
 What does FDI trigger list comprises of _______?
Which of the following organizations hold its “Annual Meeting of the New Champions”?


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