Quiz 181: General Knowledge for All Examinations

1. Milinda-Panho is a pali text which record discussion between Milinda and Nagsena. Milinda was a ________?
[A] Satvahan King
[B] Shunga King
[C] Indo Greek Ruler
[D] Nanda king

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2. The Royal seal of Guptas bore the emblem of _________?
[A] Hasti (Elephant)
[B] Mayura ( Peacock)
[C] Garuda (Eagle)
[D] Tiger

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3. Devichandraguptam was a work of _________?
[A] Vishakhadatta
[B] Dandin
[C] Bharavi
[D] Kalidas

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4. Waterspout is a ___________?
[A] Depression
[B] Hurricane
[C] Tornado
[D] Cyclone

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5. Which among the following is not a hot wind?
[A] Sirocco
[B] Chinook
[C] Mistral
[D] Loo

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6. On which of the following dates Autumnal Equinox occurs?
[A] March 21
[B] June 21
[C] September 23
[D] March 21

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7. Sudan is an example of which of the following types of climates?
[A] Tropical Marine
[B] Tropical Continental
[C] Tropical Monsoon
[D] Tundra

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8. Which among the following has highest velocity ?
[A] Hurricane
[B] Tornado
[C] Typhoon
[D] Cyclone

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9. Nirmal Gram Puraskar is associated with which of the following?
[A] Rural Sanitation
[B] Enlarging Forests
[C] School Education
[D] Environmeny

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10. The first Gharib Rath bound from _______to_________ ?
[A] Delhi , Patna
[B] Saharsa, Amritsar
[C] Patna, Jalandhar
[D] Delhi ,Hyderabad

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