Historic Apology issued by Netherlands Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Rutte on Sunday, 26th January 2020, made the country’s first apology for the persecution of Jews during the 2nd World War.

He made this historic apology, first-of-its-kind made by any government in this regard, during the country’s annual Holocaust commemoration in Amsterdam, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. More than 1.1 million Jews out of the 1.4 million who lived in the Netherlands were killed in the Auschwitz concentration camp, at the outbreak of World War II.

Earlier the Dutch Prime Minister, who is in power since 2010 has resisted calls for issuing such apology, as to date France, Luxembourg, and Belgium are the countries that have apologized officially for the role of their authorities. The Dutch Prime Minister offered apologies for the role of the government in charge of the Netherlands during the period of the second world war and praised the resistance fighters.


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