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Referendum in New Caledonia rejects independence from France

The New Caledonia is a French territory located in southwest Pacific Ocean. It is a popular tourist spot and well known for its coral seas. The territory voted against independence from France under its new referendum that was held recently. About the Island The Island was discovered by a British Navigator James Cook in 1774. ..

Facebook and Google to pay for news in Australia, for the first time in the world

In a first of its kind move, Australia has made it mandatory that tech giants Google and Facebook will have to pay the media outlets in the country for the news content used by these companies. This is aimed at protecting the future of independent journalism in the country and this move will be keenly ..

First Batch of Rafale Jets Leave from France, to be inducted into IAF on 29th July

The first batch of the Rafale Aircraft has been sent from France and these five aircraft will be the first instalment of the 36 planes bought by India from France in Rs 59000 crores inter-governmental deal in 2016. These fighter jets will reach India after crossing a distance of nearly 7000 km from France to ..

France to ban Café Terrace Heaters from Next Year

France plans to ban heaters used by the restaurants and cafes on the outdoor terraces from the next year onwards as the country is planning to shift to a low carbon economy very soon. This is part of the resolve of the country to end ecologically destructive practices that have totally unjustified energy consumption records. ..

Face Mask Made Mandatory in Indoor Public Spaces in France

The French Government has issued an order to make mask-wearing mandatory in all the indoor public spaces in the country. The order came into effect from July 20 amidst fears of the worsening condition of the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic in the country. Highlights As per the order of the government, wearing a ..