Global Wealth Conference

The Global Wealth Conference (GWC), a highly anticipated event in the financial world, is scheduled to take place in London. This conference serves as a platform for investors to redefine the future of investing and make significant investment decisions. The GWC is set to commence on May 31st, attracting participants from around the globe.

Expected Investment of $10 Billion in India-focused Fund

One of the highlights of the GWC is the anticipated launch of a remarkable India-focused fund. With an expected investment amount of $10 billion, this fund aims to generate substantial capital flow into the Indian market. The announcement has garnered significant attention and is expected to shape investment strategies for the Indian economy.

Conference Duration and Participants

The GWC will span two days, continuing until June 1st. The event has attracted a diverse range of participants, including sovereign wealth funds, family offices, pension and public funds, institutional global asset managers, and prominent personalities from royal families to policymakers. This diverse gathering provides a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking among industry leaders.

Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Interest in India

Sovereign wealth funds globally view India as an attractive destination for direct investments. In 2022, these funds directly invested a substantial amount of $6.714 billion in India, a significant increase from the previous year. Notable sovereign wealth funds such as Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, GIC Private Limited, Qatar Investment Authority, Kuwait Investment Authority, and Norway Government Pension Fund Global continue to allocate capital directly into India based on transaction data from the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI).

Anticipated Attendance and Insights

The GWC expects participation from 40 sovereign wealth funds, 50+ family offices, 30+ pension and public funds, 50+ institutional global asset managers, and 30+ prominent personalities. This diverse gathering of industry leaders will exchange insights, discuss investment opportunities, and create alliances to drive capital inflow into India. The conference is poised to have a lasting impact on the investment landscape and further enhance India’s position as an attractive market for global investors.



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