We have read that Akbar could not see the validity in the custom that the Hindus should pay more taxes than the Muslims. He also had an insatiable quest in the matters of religion and faith. He was deeply moved by the mystical doctrines of the Persian Sufis which was revealed to him by Faizi and his younger brother Abul Fazal.

Faizi was a Persian poet who he joined Akbar’s suite during the seize of Chittor in 1568. In 1588 was given the status of Malik-ush-Shu’ara (Court Poet) of Akbar. He was one of the Navratnas of Akbar. Born in Agra to a scholar in philosophy and Islamic theology, he was educated mostly by his father. Akbar was impressed by the scholarly aptitude of Faizi and appointed him the tutor of princes Salim, Murad and Daniyal.

Badayuni, the contemporary historian says that he composed over 100 poetic works in Persian. The collection of poems by Faizi was entitled Tabasir al-Subah, which includes Ghazals, Qasidas (Eulogies), Rubai’s and poems. In 1580 he started working on five projects Nal o Daman , the Markaz ul-Advar, the Sulaiman o Bilqis, the Haft Kishvar and the Akbarnama, out of which only 2 first works were completed.

  • Faizi also translated “Lilavati”, the celebrated Sanskrit work in Maths by Bhaskaracharya, into Persian.

The celebrated work Akbarnama was penned by his brother Abul Fazal.

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