GK & Current Affairs: May 5, 6, 2015

1. Which country is venue for the first ever Asian Youth Athletic Championship-2015?
Answer: Qatar
Doha, Qatar is hosting the inaugural edition of the Asian Youth Athletic Championships. Youth Athletics Championships are open to athletes aged 17 or under, unlike Junior Athletics Championships, which are open to participants aged 19 or younger. The aim of the Asian Youth Athletics Championships is to boost the sport in the continent.Reference
2. The OPEC reference basket is currently made up of how many crude oils?
Answer: Twelve
The OPEC Reference Basket (ORB) is a weighted average of prices for petroleum blends produced by OPEC countries. It is used as an important benchmark for crude oil prices. The Reference Basket currently consists of a weighted average of the twelve crude oils. These are as follows Saharan Blend (from Algeria)Ecuador, Iran Heavy (from Islamic Republic of Iran), Basra Light (from Iraq), Kuwait Export (from Kuwait), Es Sider (from Libya), Bonny Light (from Nigeria), Qatar Marine (from Qatar), Arab Light (from Saudi Arabia), Murban (from UAE), BCF 17 (from Venezuela) and Girassol (from Angola). Reference
3. The constitution 119th amendment bill allows land boundary agreement between India and ___?
Answer: Bangladesh
The constitution 119th amendment bill will allow the opreationalisation of the 1974 India and Bangladesh land boundary agreement. The bill was passed in Rajya Sabha with full support from 181 members. The bill aims at giving effect to the acquiring of territories by India and transfer of territories to Bangladesh through retaining of adverse possession and exchange of enclave in pursuance of the agreement of 1974. The territories in Assam, West Bengal, Tripura and Meghalaya come under the ambit of the bill. Reference
4. In which state India’s biggest coconut and cashew festival was held recently?
[C]Tamil Nadu
Answer: Goa
Goa hosted the India’s biggest Coconut and Cashew Festival 2015. The festival was held from April 29 to May 3, 2015. This festival was organized by Goa Tourism in association with the Department of Agriculture, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and Goa Handicrafts Corporation.Reference
5. Which country unveiled Al Amal mission to send an unmanned probe to Mars?
Answer: UAE
UAE unveiled its mission to send an unmanned probe to Mars. The probe, named Al Amal or Hope, will create mankind’s first integrated model of the Red Planet’s atmosphere. The unmanned probe will leave Earth in 2020 on a mission designed to complement the science work of other missions and fill important gaps in human knowledge. Its unique orbits and instruments will produce entirely new types of data that will enable scientists to build the first truly holistic models of the Martian atmosphere. It is the first Mars mission attempted anywhere in the Arab world.Reference
6. Seema Punia, who was recommended for Khel Ratna award represents which sport/event?
[A]Discus throw
Answer: Discus throw
Seema Punia is an Indian discus thrower. She won gold medal winning discus throw performance at the 2014 Asian Games. She has been recommended for prestigious Khel Ratna award. The performance of the past three years will be considered for both Khel Ratna and Arjuna Awards.Reference
7. The PEN literary award for freedom of speech has been awarded to __?
[A]The New York Times
[B]Charlie Hebdo
[C]The Hindu
[D]The Guardian
Answer: Charlie Hebdo
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was presented PEN literary award celebrating freedom of speech. Editor-in-chief Gerard Biard and critic-essayist Jean-Baptiste Thore accepted the Freedom of Expression Courage Award.Reference
8. The Great Khural is unicameral parliament of which country?
[B]South Korea
Answer: Mongolia
The Great Khural is unicameral parliament of Mongolia. Great Khural is unicameral and consists of 76 members elected by the mixed electoral system.
9. The Windhoek Declaration is associated with which of the following?
[A]Press freedom
[B]Ocean navigation
[C]Animal poaching
[D]Diamond mining
Answer: Press freedom
The Windhoek Declaration is a statement of press freedom principles put together by African newspaper journalists in 1991. It was a landmark document which set the stage for the development of the African media. The Declaration calls for a free, independent and pluralistic media and is based on a strong belief in the connection between a fully independent press and a successful participatory democracy sector. The Declaration was produced at a UNESCO seminar, “Promoting an Independent and Pluralistic African Press,” held in Windhoek, Namibia, from April 29 to May 3, 1991; it was later endorsed by the UNESCO General Conference. Reference
10. The Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) starts from which country?
Answer: Azerbaijan
The Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) is a natural gas pipeline from Azerbaijan through Georgia and Turkey to Europe. The project will allow first Azerbaijan gas exports to Europe, beyond Turkey. Construction of the pipeline began formally in March 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2018. Reference

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