GK & Current Affairs: January 21, 22, 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers for January 20 and 21 with latest MCQs on Tiger Census Report 2015, Shanta Kumar Committee, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Kabuki, India’s only container trans-shipment terminal, Houthis, National Financial Switch, Rajni Kothari.

1. According to latest tiger census report (2015), which among the following states has recorded highest number of tigers?
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[C]Tamil Nadu
Answer: Karnataka
Tiger numbers in India grow by 30% in four years according to latest tiger census report. The population of tigers has increased in India from 1,706 in 2011 to 2, 226 in 2014. Karnataka has the highest number of tigers (406) followed by Uttarakhand (340), Madhya Pradesh (308), Tamil Nadu (190) and Maharashtra (167).
2. Who among the following is the chairman of the committee that has submitted its report on restructuring of Food Corporation of India, recently?
[A]Shanta Kumar
[B]Ashok Gulati
[C]Ram Sewak Sharma
[D]C Viswanath
Answer: Shanta Kumar
Shanta Kumar is the chairman of the eight-member committee, which was set up in August 2014, to recommend restructuring of Food Corporation of India. The committee has submitted its report to the government. The panel was asked to suggest a model for restructuring FCI to improve its operational efficiency and financial management, and suggest measures for overall improvement in improvement in management of food grains by FCI.
3. The Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve is located in ____?
[A]Andhra Pradesh
[C]Madhya Pradesh
Answer: Maharashtra
Tadoba-Andhari tiger reserve is in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. The Tadoba-Andhari is fften referred to as “The Jewel of Vidharba.
4. Recently, a first of its kind in the world economic valuation of tiger reserves has been conducted in India. As per the study which tiger reserves has highest annual flow benefits?
[A]Periyar Tiger Reserve
[B]Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
[C]Kanha Tiger Reserve
[D]Corbett Tiger Reserve
Answer: Periyar Tiger Reserve
In a first of its kind exercise, India has conducted economic valuation of six of its tiger reserves and placed their value at Rs 1,49,900 crore. The valuation study was conducted by Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), Bhopal, at the behest of the environment ministry’s National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). The study provides quantitative and qualitative estimates of benefits accruing from tiger reserves which include economic, social and cultural services. The report shows that Periyar tiger reserve has the highest annual flow benefits (Rs 1,760 crore), followed by Kanha (Rs 1,650 crore) and Corbett (Rs 1,470 crore).
5. The “Kabuki” is a traditional form of theatre belongs to which one of the following countries?
Answer: Japan
Kabuki is a traditional Japanese form of theatre. It is recognized as one of Japan’s three major classical theatres along with noh and bunraku, and has been named as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
6. India’s first and only container trans-shipment terminal is in ____?
Answer: Vallarpadam
India’s first container trans-shipment terminal is at Vallarpadam in Cochin port, Kerala.
7. The Houthis are members of a rebel group operating in which country?
[C]Saudi Arabia
Answer: Yemen
The Houthis, also known as Ansar Allah (Partisans of God), are members of a rebel group operating in Yemen. The Houthis, who adhere to a branch of Shia Islam known as Zaidism. Zaidis make up one-third of the population and ruled North Yemen under a system known as the imamate for almost 1,000 years until 1962. The Houthis take their name from Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi. He led the group’s first uprising in 2004 in an effort to win greater autonomy for their heartland of Saada province, and also to protect Zaidi religious and cultural traditions from perceived encroachment by Sunni Islamists.
8. The National Financial Switch, the largest shared automated teller machines in India, is run by ____?
[A] Reserve Bank of India
[B]National Payments Corporation of India
[C]National Information Centre
[D]Institute of Development and Research in Banking Technology
Answer: National Payments Corporation of India
The National Financial Switch (NFS) run by the National Payment Corporations of India. The NFS was conceptualised, developed and implemented by Institute of Development and Research in Banking Technology with a view to inter-connect the ATM’s in the country.
9. Which one of the following organisations is launching new anti-terrorism projects in partnership with Muslim countries and also increasing its intelligence sharing?
[A]United Nations
[B]European Union
[C]African Union
Answer: European Union
The European Union has decided to launch a slew of new anti-terrorism projects in partnership with Muslim nations and also increase the sharing of intelligence. This move comes after a series of violence in Belgium and lethal attacks in France.
10. Which one of the following institutes was founded by Rajni Kothari, renowned political scientist, who passed away recently?
[A]Centre for Study of Developing Societies
[B]Centre for Poverty Alleviation
[C]Centre for Study of Tribal People
[D]Centre for Study and Research on Regional Culture
Answer: Centre for Study of Developing Societies
Rajni Kothari was a renowned political scientist. He founded the Centre for Study of Developing Societies (1963), a research institute which did pioneering work in the field of caste, identity and politics. He was also one of the first presidents of People’s Union for Civil Liberties and a former Planning Commission member.

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