GK & Current Affairs: August 25, 26, 2014

1. Which of the following former Chief Justices of India has been recently appointed as a Governor of Kerala?
[A]Justice S.H.Kapadia
[B]Justice K.G.Balakrishnan
[C]Justice Altamas Kabir
[D]Justice P.Sathasivam

Justice P.Sathasivam
Justice P.Sathasivam has been appointed as the new Governor of Kerala after the resignation of Sheila Dixit.

2. Recently, four new vaccines have been introduced into India’s Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP). Which among the following is not among them?
[C]Oral Polio Vaccine
[D]Japanese encephalitis

Oral Polio Vaccine
Rotavirus, rubella, Injectable polio and adult vaccine against Japanese Encephalitis (JE) are the four new vaccines introduced. These will help the country meet its Millennium Development Goals 4 targets that include reducing child mortality by two-thirds by 2015,

3. Which among the following was the last published book by noted historian Bipan Chandra, who passed away recently?
[A]India since Independence
[B]Nationalism and Colonialism in Modern India
[C]The Writings of Bipan Chandra:The Making of Modern India from Marx to Gandhi
[D]The Indian Left: Critical Appraisal

The Writings of Bipan Chandra:The Making of Modern India from Marx to Gandhi
The Writings of Bipan Chandra:The Making of Modern India from Marx to Gandhi was published in 2012. It is a proof of his tremendous knowledge and phenomenal scholarship over the years.

4. Under the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency, notable progress has been seen in the commencement of the first commitment period of PAT. What does the acronym PAT stand for?
[A]Perform, Achieve and Trade
[B]Perform, Act and Transform
[C]Preserve, Act and Trade
[D]Preserve, Achieve and Trade

Perform, Achieve and Trade

5. Zoffany, Hodges, the Danniells, Sir Charles O D’oyly are eminent and renowned:

The Gallery of Engravings in India, in the Academy of Fine Arts,houses works by these famous painters. The Academy was set up at Kolkata in 1933.

6. Who was the first Indian to receive the Stalin Prize?
[A]Jawahar Lal Nehru
[B]Saifuddin Kitchlu
[C]Rabindranath Tagore
[D]W.C. Bannerjee

Saifuddin Kitchlu

7. Given below are some dance forms and the states where they are performed. Which is the incorrect pair?
[A]Assam- Bihu
[B]Tamil Nadu- Kaman Pandigai
[C]Andhra Pradesh-Parichakali
[D]Kerela- Kaikottikali

Andhra Pradesh-Parichakali
Parichakali is a popular dance form of Lakshadweep islands. ‘Paricha’ means shield. This dance form involves use of swords and shields.

8. Iddukki hydroelectricity project is located on which river?


9. New Horizons is a NASA space probe launched to study primarily __?

New Horizons is a NASA space probe launched to study the dwarf planet Pluto, its moons and one or two Kuiper Belt objects, depending on which are in position to be explored.

10. Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement is being negotiated between __?
[A]North America and Europe
[B]Latin America and European Union
[C]United States and European Union
[D]United States, Canada and European Union

United States and European Union
Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement between the US and the EU intends to create the world’s largest free trade area.

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