Current Affairs Quiz: October 15-16, 2013

1. Who among the following has received Elton John AIDS Foundation’s first ever Award?
[A]\text{Bill Gates}
[B]\text{Hilary Clinton}
[C]\text{Carlos Slim}
[D]\text{Daniel John}

Hilary Clinton
The former secretary of US, Hilary Clinton has been conferred Elton John AIDS Foundation’s first ever award for her effort to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS.

2. The Chakma and Marma are the major tribal population living in which country?
[D]\text{Sri Lanka}

The Chakma and Marma are an indigenous Tibet-Burman population of the Chittagong hill tracts in Bangladesh.

3. In which of the following seas India has building Tsunami warning device?
[A]\text{Arabian Sea}
[B]\text{South China Sea}
[C]\text{Bay of Bengal}
[D]\text{Indian Ocean}

South China Sea
With an aim of avoiding a repeat of the 2004 catastrophe, India is building Tsunami warning device in the South China Sea, which is likely to operate in the next 10 months.

4. In October 2013, who among the following has become the first Indian cricketer to score fastest century in one day international matches?
[A]\text{Yuvaraj Singh}
[B]\text{M S Dhoni}
[C]\text{Virat Kohli}
[D]\text{Shikar Dhavan}

Virat Kohli
Indian batsman Virat Kohli hit the fastest century by an Indian in one-day internationals surpassing Virender Sehwag’s four-year old record in the second one-day against the Australia in Jaipur. Kohli scored his century in just 52 balls and battered Sehwag’s record by 8 balls.

5. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs is in the process of implementing “Swarn Pravas Yojana”. The objective of the proposed scheme is to __ ?
[A]\text{Provide free Insurance scheme for overseas workers}
[B]\text{Train youth for overseas jobs}
[C]\text{Provide financial assistance for overseas workers}
[D]\text{Provide pension scheme for aged overseas workers}

Train youth for overseas jobs
The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs is all set to implement “Swarn Pravas Yojana” to train youth for overseas jobs. The scheme, which is a central government scheme, aims at training two lakh youth for overseas jobs in the 12th plan.

6. Which of the following rivers flow in Odisha?
Chose the correct answer from the codes given below:
[A]\text{Only 1 \& 2}
[B]\text{Only 1, 2 \& 3}
[C]\text{Only 2, 3 \& 4}
[D]\text{1, 2, 3 \& 4}

1, 2, 3 & 4

7. As per the latest “Global Slavery Index 2013” which of the following countries has highest number of people living in condition of slavery?

The Global Slavery Index 2013 says India has the highest number of people living in condition of slavery at 14 million. The Index was compiled by Australian-based rights organisation Walk Free Foundation shows nearly 30 million people around the world are living as slaves. India, China, Pakistan and Nigeria have the highest numbers of people enslaved.

8. New Zealand’s “Elean Catton” won the Man of Booker Prize 2013 for her novel ____ ?
[A]\text{The River of Smoke}
[B]\text{The Luminaries}
[C]\text{Thw Gaurd}
[D]\text{The Road Ahead}

The Luminaries
Elean Catton won the Man of Booker Prize 2013 for her novel, The Luminaries. She set a new record for the longest winning novel. The Novel Luminaries is 852 pages book.

9. Consider the following Typhoon names, which are in news recently:
1. Typhoon Wipha
2. Typhoon Naria
3. Typhoon Philai
Which of the following correctly represents the countries which were hit by the above typhoons?
[A]\text{Japan, India, Vietnam}
[B]\text{Vietnam, Japan, India}
[C]\text{Japan, Vietnam, India}
[D]\text{Australia, Japan, India}

Japan, Vietnam, India

10. Which of the following African countries has recently unveiled plan to microchip every rhino in the country in a drive to combat a surge of poaching?
[A]\text{South Africa}

Kenya is embarking on an ambitious plan to microchip every rhino in the country in anti-poaching drive. The microchip will be implemented in the horns of more than 1,000 rhinos. Soaring prices for ivory and horn have prompted a gold rush in poaching across the Africa. The micro-chipping project is being
supported by Wild Wide Fund. The new initiative will serve to strengthen rhino monitoring, protect the animals on site and also support anti-trafficking mechanism nationally and regionally.

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    Indeed very helpful. Just one rectification though, the name of person who won Man Booker Prize 2013 is “Eleanor Catton” and not “Elean Catton”.
    Keep up the good work guys!