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Amazon Quiz Answers – 19 January, 2021

1. DakPay is a new payments app launched by which organisation? India Post 2. Who among these has been named to be the Commander of the SpaceX Crew-3 mission to the International Space Station? Raja Chari 3. The Tibetan word “Losar” translates to what in English? New Year 4. In which coffee shop will you ..


Amazon Quiz Answers – 18 January, 2021

1.Recently released by Om Birla, ‘The Shaurya Unbound’ is a book about the valour of which of these forces? CRPF 2.Which company recently announced they will set up ‘the world’s largest scooter factory’ in Hosur, Tamil Nadu? Ola 3.Alex Olmedo, who recently passed away, was a tennis champion from which country? Peru 4.These birds are ..


Amazon Quiz Answers – 17 January, 2021

1. Which former Indian president’s forthcoming memoir is titled ‘The Presidential Years’? Pranab Mukherjee 2. Roscosmos, who recently launched the Angara A5 rocket, is the space agency of what country? Russia 3. Which country was recently announced as the host of the 2030 Asian Games? Qatar 4. This monument is dedicated to which famous leader ..


Amazon Quiz Answers – 16 January, 2021

1. Bhubaneswar and Rourkela are two cities chosen to host the 2023 Men’s World Cup of which sport? Field Hockey 2. Chuck Yeager, a World War II fighter ace who recently passed away, became the first person to do what on October 14, 1947? Fly faster than the speed of sound 3. A royal bengal ..


Amazon Quiz Answers – 15 January, 2021

1. Koilwar Bridge, officially Abdul Bari Bridge, was recently opened to the public in which Indian state? Bihar 2. Under Project Loon, Google aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity in “remote and rural areas” using what? Helium filled Balloons 3. Which country announced mission Beresheet 2, intended to land a spacecraft on the Moon in ..


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