Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – August 4, 2019

Here are 10 GK questions for today, August 4, 2019 for various competitive exams in India.

1. Who among the following Pallava ruler built the Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram?

[A] Narsimhavarman II
[B] Nandivarman II
[C] Aparajita
[D] Mahendravarman I

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2. Ruqaiya Sultan Begum was the wife of which Mughal Ruler?

[A] Humayun
[B] Jahangir
[C] Akbar
[D] Shah Jahan

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3. Which of the following planet is an example of Terrestrial planet?

[A] Earth
[B] Jupiter
[C] Saturn
[D] Neptune

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4. Which of the following amendments gave for the first time a clear-cut constitutional recognition to the existence of political parties?

[A] 7th Amendment
[B] 35th Amendment
[C] 52nd Amendment
[D] 66th Amendment

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5. The bilingual Inscriptions of Asoka involved which of the following two languages?

[A] Brahmi & Aramaic
[B] Brahmi, Greek & Aramaic
[C] Brahmi & hieroglyphics
[D] None of the above

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6. On which of the following the jet Engine works?

[A] Conservation of energy
[B] Conservation of Linear Momentum
[C] Conservation of Mass
[D] Conservation of Angular momentum

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7. Which among the following is NOT a web browser?

[A] SpaceTime
[B] NeoPlanet
[C] Sputnik
[D] MeeGo

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8. What is the rate of acceleration produced by 1 dyne force acting on a body of mass 1 gram?

[A] 9.8 m s-2
[B] 1 m s-2
[C] 1 cm s-2
[D] 9.8 cm s-2

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9. What is the relationship between bond energy and bond length?

[A] Bond energy is independent of bond length
[B] Bond energy increases with the increase of bond length
[C] Bond energy decreases with the increase of bond length
[D] None of the above

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10. Which of the following river does not originate in Indian territory ?

[A] Brahmaputra
[B] Mahanadi
[C] Ravi
[D] Chenab

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