World Migration Report 2020 launched by IOM

‘The World Migration Report 2020’ was launched by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. IOM headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, was established in 1951, became a related organization to the United Nations in September 2019.
The 2020 World Migration Report marks the tenth edition in the series with the first edition being published in 1999.

Highlights from the report:
A total of approx 3.5 percent of the world population has migrated to date, making a 0.1 percent increase from the last report published in 2017.
96.5 percent of people globally are estimated to be residing in the country where they were born.
The Total Number of Migrants in the year 2019 is estimated to be 270 million.
Out of the total 270 million estimated, The United States remained as the top destination of the migrants with 51 million.
Out of the total 270 million, around 164 million people, two-thirds of the total migrants are looking for a job.
141 million, almost half of the international migrants are living in North America and Europe.

India with a strong 17.5 million diaspora across the world, continues to be the largest country of origin of international migrants, followed by Mexico with 11.8 million and China with 10.7 million making the top three.

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