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Global Investment Trend Monitor No.33 Released by UNCTAD

The Geneva-based intergovernmental body, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released its ‘Global Investment Trend Monitor report No.33’ on Monday, 20th January 2020, under which it listed the countries on the basis of receipts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and stated that due to weaker macroeconomic performances, the global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) ..

WHO approves Biosimilar version of Trastuzumab Drugs

A specialized agency of the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO) has for the first time prequalified a biosimilar version of the drug- Trastuzumab, which is life-saving medicine for women globally. The World Health Organization is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and is concerned with international public health. A biosimilar medicine is a type of ..

Syria is the Top Refugee Originating Country and has the Highest Internal Population of Displaced People

According to the “World Migration Report 2020” published by the Geneva-based International Organization for Migration(IOM), a total of 41.3 million people were forced to leave their homes by the end of 2018 as per IOM’s internal displacement monitoring center. Syria with 6.1 million, has the highest internal population of displaced people in the world, followed ..

India Highest Recipient of International Remittances in 2018

The World Migration Report 2020 published by the Geneva-based International Organization for Migration has reported India as the top beneficiaries of international remittances in the world. According to the report published on 27, November 2019, a total of USD 689 billion has been sent back home by the migrants as international remittances in the year ..

World Migration Report 2020 launched by IOM

‘The World Migration Report 2020’ was launched by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. IOM headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, was established in 1951, became a related organization to the United Nations in September 2019. The 2020 World Migration Report marks the tenth edition in the series with the first edition ..

WTO Appellate Body and Structural Crisis

World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) Appellate Body based in Geneva, Switzerland hears appeals in trade disputes. About the Appellate Body WTO’s Appellate Body is a standing body of seven persons that hears appeals from reports issued by panels in disputes brought by WTO Members. The Appellate Body can uphold, modify or reverse the legal findings and conclusions of ..

Indian Proposal to Halt Waste Dumping Defeated

A proposal moved by India to prevent developed countries from dumping their electronic and plastic waste onto developing countries was defeated at the meeting of the Basel Convention in Geneva. The breakthrough was made through an amendment to the Convention to include plastic waste in a legally-binding framework. The amendment calls to make global trade ..