What is Windsor Framework?

The ‘Windsor Framework’ introduces a green lane for goods that will stay in Northern Ireland and a red lane system for goods that will reach the European Union. It also introduces the ‘Stormont Brake’ that allows the lawmakers in Northern Ireland and the UK to veto any EU regulations that may adversely impact the region. The veto requires support from 30 members from at least 2 parties in Northern Ireland. The British government is then allowed to veto the legislation.

Is Windsor Framework in action?

No, it has not yet been implemented. It is a post-Brexit agreement. The agreement is launched to address the main issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol. What is the issue with NIP? The issue is around the movement of goods between the UK and the European Union markets.

What are the changes introduced by Windsor Framework?

To understand this, we first need to learn about certain political factors. Great Britain is the main island and it includes England, Wales, and Scotland. The United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Now, earlier the goods will be checked in Northern Ireland before entering Ireland. Now with the new framework, some goods are receiving exemptions from the checking.

What is the issue?

The two Irelands have been disputing for a long time. They settled their disputes through the Belfast Agreement only in 1998. The agreement is also called the Good Friday Agreement.

What is the significance of the Windsor Framework?

With the Windsor Framework, the UK is now out of the “Northern Ireland Protocol” issue. It was a protocol issued by the Former UK PM Boris Johnson.

What is Northern Ireland Protocol?

It was a part of the Brexit agreement. According to the agreement, checks were to be conducted between Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and not between Northern Ireland and Ireland. However, there was waste of time and resources. And also taxation issues. So, a check-free agreement has been brought in.




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