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Windrush Scandal

The British government recently apologised for the Windrush Scandal of 2018- for the wrongful detention and mistreatment of the Windrush generation. About the Scandal In 2018, a political scandal arose in the UK when the Home Office wrongfully detained and denied the legal rights to a certain category of people. Most of these people were ..

Vertically Transmitted Infections

A baby, born to a COVID-19 affected woman, tested positive for the disease in London. However, experts maintain that there is no evidence for vertical transmission of the virus. About Vertical Transmission Infections caused by pathogenic organisms (like viruses and bacteria) that use the mother-to-child route for transmission are called vertically transmitted infections. Such infections ..

Herd Immunity

As WHO recently declared Europe to be the new epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic, Britain has come under criticism for its ‘soft approach’ to controlling the disease. The Recent Issue in Britain While other countries are racing to curb the spread of SARS CoV 2, UK has taken the ‘soft approach’ to deal with the ..

Reintroduction of Burbot

The burbot, a freshwater predatory cod, is to be reintroduced into the freshwater habitats of UK after half a century. Burbot It is the only cod fish that lives in freshwater habitats. It resembles a tadpole and lives at the bottom of rivers. It is also known as the lingcod or the eelpout. Though it ..

?No first use? Nuclear Policy

Conventionally 9 nations are thought to possess nuclear weapons. These include the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (US, UK, Russia, China and France), 3 other member states who have an openly declared nuclear weapons program (India, Pakistan and North Korea) and one other nation (Isreal) which maintains a deliberate silence on ..

Innovating for Clean Air

The initiative, Innovating for Clean Air a two-year India-UK joint initiative in Bengaluru aimed at providing a unique air quality measurement system. Monitoring Air Quality The initiative provides for a unique air quality measurement system integrating satellite and sensor data and supports India’s transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs). The initiative will identify innovations having potential to ..

Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson set to be UK’s next Prime Minister

The Conservative Party of the UK has selected the Boris Johnson as the next leader of the Conservative Party and thus, the next Prime Minister of the UK. While Boris Johnson received the support of 92,513 members, his competitor, and current Foreign Secretary of the UK, Jeremy Hunt received the support of 46,656 members. Boris ..

G7 Taxation Plan on tech Giants

The meeting of the G7 Finance Ministers has agreed on a two-pillar’ taxation plan for tech giants. Taxation Plan They agreed on the principle that large tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple must be taxed in the countries in which they make money, even without being physically present there. There should be ..