VAIBHAV Fellowship Scheme

In honor of National Science Day, which is celebrated on February 28th, the Indian Government launched the VAIBHAV Fellowship scheme. The new initiative aims to enhance the research capability of India’s higher education institutions by promoting academic and research collaborations with top-performing institutions from around the world.

Fostering Academic and Research Collaborations

The VAIBHAV Fellowship scheme will facilitate academic and research collaborations between Indian higher education institutions and leading institutions abroad. This will help to boost India’s research capabilities, leading to innovative and impactful research in various fields.

The scheme will promote the mobility of faculties or researchers from overseas institutions to India, allowing them to share their knowledge and expertise with Indian researchers. The exchange will facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology, helping to build a stronger and more vibrant research community in India.

Eligibility Criteria for VAIBHAV Fellowship

To be eligible for the VAIBHAV Fellowship scheme, applicants must be non-resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), or Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs). They must have obtained a Ph.D./M.D./M.S. degree from a recognized university and be currently engaged in an overseas academic, research, or industrial organization with a proven R&D track record.

Applicants must also plan to work for at least one month, up to a maximum of two months, each year at an Indian research/academic institution. This commitment will allow them to contribute their expertise to Indian research and academic institutions, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Benefits of the VAIBHAV Fellowship Scheme

The VAIBHAV Fellowship scheme will provide numerous benefits for both Indian and overseas researchers. Indian researchers will benefit from access to cutting-edge research techniques and technologies, as well as exposure to different research cultures and methodologies. Overseas researchers, in turn, will have the opportunity to engage with India’s rich cultural heritage and learn from its diverse population.

In addition to improving India’s research capabilities, the VAIBHAV Fellowship scheme will also foster international collaboration and promote the exchange of ideas across borders. This will contribute to the global advancement of science and technology, helping to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


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