Urban Climate Film Festival

The Urban Climate Film Festival, organized by the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) and supported by the CITIIS program, is set to captivate audiences with its curated selection of films from around the world. This festival aims to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on urban settlements and initiate conversations on building climate-resilient cities.

Showcasing Global Perspectives

The Urban Climate Film Festival garnered a tremendous reception, as it received an impressive number of 150 film submissions from more than 20 countries. This diverse range of entries reflects the global concern and interest in understanding how the changing environment affects life in cities worldwide. These films will offer unique perspectives and insights into the environmental, social, and economic impacts of climate change on urban settlements.

Chaired by Renowned Figures

The inaugural session of the festival was chaired by Shri Amitabh Kant, setting the tone for this influential event. Additionally, the festival will witness the presence of ambassadors from France and the European Union to India, who will deliver the inaugural addresses. Their participation underscores the international importance of addressing climate change and sustainable urban development.

Government Support

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has extended its support to the Urban Climate Film Festival. This endorsement emphasizes the government’s commitment to addressing climate-related challenges and promoting sustainable practices in urban areas. The festival aligns with the ministry’s vision of creating climate-resilient cities that prioritize the well-being of citizens.

Award-Winning Films from Diverse Nations

The Urban Climate Film Festival showcases 11 award-winning films from various countries, including India, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and the USA. This diverse selection allows for a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solutions related to climate change in different urban contexts. These films will inspire and educate viewers about the need for sustainable urban development.

Engaging the Public

One of the primary objectives of the festival is to spark conversations and invite public input regarding climate-resilient cities. By screening thought-provoking films, the festival aims to encourage citizens to adopt environmentally responsible behaviors. It aligns with the U20 Priority Areas and the Honorable Prime Minister’s call to action through the LiFE Mission, emphasizing the role of individuals in addressing climate change.

CITIIS Program’s Purpose

The CITIIS program, jointly initiated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the French Development Agency (AFD), the European Union (EU), and NIUA, plays a crucial role in supporting the Urban Climate Film Festival. The program’s primary objective is to assist 12 Smart Cities in India in implementing innovative and sustainable urban infrastructure projects. By highlighting the CITIIS program, the festival contributes to raising awareness about sustainable urban development practices.



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