France’s Proposal for “European Political Community”

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, is of the belief that a “European political community” must be established which would be much broader than the present European Union (EU). The political community will also be including the nations that are not EU members. Currently, the EU has 27 members

What will the European Political Community’s goal?

The main goal of the political community will be to maintain the region’s stability. It will also be looking to further the European Union as relying solely on it will not be enough. The vision of the community was outlined by President Macron in a speech that he presented to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

How will the new organization help the democratic European nations?

This community will allow the democratic European nations to cooperate in a new space politically in the fields of

  • Energy
  • Security
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Transport
  • Freedom of movement

How will this new community help in getting memberships?

Becoming an EU member is a quite lengthy process. It often takes years or even decades as the membership criteria of the European Union are very strict. This community will be allowing a parallel entry instead of diluting the stringent standards. This will provide a quick way for any country that is willing to join the bloc. Even the countries which had earlier exited can re-join.

Why did President Macron put forward this proposal?

This proposal of creating a new European political community was put forward as Ukraine is looking to join the EU as a candidate country and also looking for support against the ongoing Russian invasion.




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