100% Electrification of Konkan Railways

The Konkan Railway Corporation has finished electrification of its entire 741-kilometer route that stretches from Roha, Maharashtra to Thokur, Karnataka.


  • This electrification of the 741-kilometer stretch will bring about savings of fuel amounting to Rs 150 crore.
  • It will also reduce the dependence on diesel along with ensuring pollution-free, seamless operations.
  • By December 2023, the Indian Railways have plans for 100 percent electrification of its broad-gauge network.
  • Mumbai is connected with Mangalore via the Konkan Railway.
  • The Konan Railways line passes through Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka along the country’s western coast.
  • The electrification project’s foundation stone was laid in 2015 with a cost that stands at Rs 1,287 crore.

Electrification of railway lines done by South Central Railway (SCR)

The SCR has also completed 163 kilometers of electrification of railway lines in Andhra Pradesh’s various sections. This gives a boost to the government’s ‘Mission Electrification of Indian Railways.’ Pakala Kalikiri (55.80 km), Kadiri Tummanam gutta (53.30 km), and Dhone Kurnool City (54.20 km) are the electrified sections of SCR.

About Mission 100% Electrification

Indian Railways is working towards achieving the plans of ‘Mission 100% Electrification – Moving towards net Zero Carbon Emission.’ The railways are trying to complete the network’s electrification which will help in reducing pollution and will be environment friendly.



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