Assam-Meghalaya Border Pact

A border agreement was signed between Assam and Meghalaya on 29th March 2022. With this newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Meghalaya will be gaining 18.33 square kilometers and Assam will be gaining 18.46 sq km out of the total of 36.79 sq km. in 6 out of 12 areas of differences that were resolved between the two states.


  • This MoU was signed between Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam, and Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma.
  • Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister was also present during this signing.
  • The boundary dispute has been going on between both states for a long period of time and over the years 50 meetings have been conducted to resolve this issue.

About the MoU

The MoU will be considered to be a full and final agreement in respect of the six areas of difference. The areas mentioned are approximate in nature based on a table-top exercise conducted using spatial technologies. It will be more accurately determined during the Survey of India’s detailed survey for the demarcation and delineation of the boundary that will be conducted in the presence of representatives from both the state’s respective governments.

Purpose of the MoU

This MoU has been signed to settle the case of the inter-state boundary between Meghalaya and Assam with respect to 6 of the 12 areas of difference.

The 12 areas of difference

The 12 areas of difference are Gizang, Tarabari, Langpih (Lumpi), Hahim, Boklapara, Borduar, Khanapara-Pillangkata, Nongwah-Mawtamur (Garbhanga), Block-I & Block-II, Deshdoomreah, Khanduli and Psiar, and Ratacherra

The 6 areas of difference taken into consideration

Gizang, Tarabari, Boklapara, Hahim, Ratacherra, and Khanapara-Pillangkata are the 6 areas of difference that have been taken into consideration in the first phase.



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