South Africa announces Joint Naval Drills with Russia, China

In the path of strengthening multilateral ties, South Africa, Russia, and China are to hold naval drills in the Indian Ocean. It is to be held in the month of February 2023. During the exercise, the countries will exchange knowledge and operational skills. Relationships among the countries have been prosperous and the exercise will improve them further.

Where exactly?

The Naval drills are to be conducted in the Durban port city in Richards Bay. The city is very important to South Africa as it generates 60% of its revenue. The port is one of the largest Southern hemisphere container ports. Jakarta of Indonesia is the first largest container port in the southern hemisphere followed by Surabaya (Indonesia) and Santos of Brazil. Fourth is Durban port.

About the Naval drills

350 South African servicemen will participate in the naval drill. Russia is expected to send two of its warships to the exercise. Prior to this, this trilateral exercise was held in 2019 in Cape Town.

Shows independence of BRICS

The exercise shows the diplomatic independence of South Africa. Being a part of BRICS association along with Brazil, Russia, India, and China, South Africa has the independence to hold the exercise. Meaning, none of the BRICS members will interfere when others are holding such exercises.

Take on Ukraine War

The US has been trying to isolate Russia citing the Ukraine war. However, the exercise comes as a counter-move to its actions. In fact, the countries are to hold the exercise during the anniversary of the Ukraine invasion. The US has disapproved of the move of South Africa. On the other hand, South Africa had held several defense exercises with the US and other NATO members in the past.



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