Shinku La Tunnel

The Shinku La or Shingo La is a mountain pass located on the border between HP and Ladakh. It is at an altitude of 5,091 metres. In 2016, the Border Road Organization built a road to the pass. However, the road couldn’t be accessed during winter and large-wheeled vehicles couldn’t pass through. Following this, in 2020, GoI planned to build a 13.5 km tunnel in the pass. The Union Cabinet recently approved the construction of the tunnel. With the Atal Tunnel and the completion of the Shinku La Tunnel in 2025, the Nimmu – Padum – Darcha road shall be accessed all through the year.


  • The tunnel will help to boost the Zanskar valley economy. It reduces the travel time between HP and Ladakh.
  • Currently, one has to travel 101 km on the Manali-Leh road and then take the Darcha road to enter the Zanskar region. With the tunnel, you can drive to Darcha via Padum.
  • The toughest hurdle is the 15-20 feet of snowfall the region received during winter. Almost all roads are closed during this season. The Shink La Tunnel is to make the Zanskar valley accessible 365 days.

Project Yojak

The Shinku La tunnel is a part of Project Yojak. This project is implemented by BRO. The main objective of the project is to make sure Manali – Leh route is accessible all through the year.




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