National Tribal Festival – Aadi Mahotsav

The Tribal Ministry is conducting the Aadi Mahotsav festival to promote tribal products. TRIFED organizes the festival on behalf of the ministry. The main objective of conducting Aadi Mahotav is to prevent the middlemen from exploiting the tribals. Profits of the tribal are swept away by the middlemen and their hard work goes in vain. To put an end to the system and provide direct access to markets, TRIFED is organizing the National Tribal Festival called the Aadi Mahotsav. The festival was conducted in New Delhi.

About National Tribal Festival 2023

PM Modi inaugurated the festival. Tribals from different parts of India participated in the festival. They exhibited their products in more than 200 stalls.

The highlights of 2023 Aadi Mahotsav: MILLETS

The United Nations announced 2023 as the International Year of Millets on India’s insistence. Furthermore, to boost the production of millets and increase their exports, GoI is launching several initiatives. One such is the tag name “Shree Anna”. The Indian millets are to be sold under the brand name Shree Anna. To promote this, millets were showcased under the name of “Shree Anna” at the Aadi Mahotsav.

Apart from millets, the festival also focused on pottery, handloom, jewellery, handloom, etc.




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