Quiz 636: Current Affairs for IBPS and SSC Examinations

1.Which country has become the fifth euro zone country to seek financial assistance from the European Union’s bail-out funds as its banking sector is hit by exposure to the crisis in Greece?


2.A project titled ‘Apna Khata’ (Our Account),which was launched in Rajasthan has bagged the “public choice award” at the E-World Forum-2012 in recognition of its significant contribution to rural development. It is related to which of the following State Government initiatives?
[A]Land record computerization
[B]Financial Inclusion
[C]Lead Banking Scheme
[D]Easy micro-credit to small and marginal farmers

Land record computerization

3.Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has recently announced installation of ‘bio-toilets’ across the country.In this context, consider the following Statements:
1.The project will be implemented in coordination with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
2.The technology to be used in the Indian bio-tiolets is known as ‘Alfa-Therm’.
3.The bio-toilets will be installed across 1000 Gram Panchayats.
[A]Only 2
[B]1 and 2
[C]1 and 3
[D]1, 2 and 3

1 and 3
Mr.Jairam Ramesh has applauded the role of DRDO scientists in developing the bio-toilets, which are based upon “bio-digester technology”. He suggested that the bio-toilets could be named ‘Bapu’, as the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had always stressed on sanitation in rural areas of the country.

4.Who is the Egypt’s first elected President following the country’s transition to democracy which was brought about by the uprising that expelled the dictator Hosni Mubarak?
[A]Farouk Soltan
[B]Ahmed Shafiq
[C]Mohamed Morsi
[D]Raja Parvez Ashraf

Mohamed Morsi

5.Consider the following Statements:
1.INS Teg from Russia, is the latest acquisition of the Indian Navy Western Fleet.
2.INS Teg is an advanced version of Talwar class frigates.
3.INS Teg is armed with supersonic Brahmos cruise missiles.
[A]Only 2
[B]1 and 2
[C]2 and 3
[D]1, 2 and 3

1, 2 and 3
The Indian Navy Western Fleet, which forms a Sword Arm, received a fillip to its combat power with the arrival of the latest acquisition — INS Teg. The ship built by M/s Yantar Shipyard, Russia, is the first of three Talwar class follow-on ships ordered by the Indian Navy.The frigate was commissioned on April 27 at Kaliningrad in Russia and has a crew of 24 officers and 229 sailors.

6.Which of the following ‘Social Networking’ Enterprise has been acquired by Microsoft by a $1.2 billion deal ?


7.Human Papilloma Virus is related to which of the following diseases?
[A]Prostate Cancer
[B]Cervical Cancer
[C]Lymphatic Filariasis

Cervical Cancer

8.’Lonesome George’ which was recently found dead, was the last surviving member of which among the following protected species of Galapagos National Park?
[A]Galapagos Giant Tortoise
[B]Galapagos land Iguana
[C]Galapagos Penguin
[D]Flightless Cormorant

Galapagos Giant Tortoise
‘Lonesome George’ was believed to be the last living member of the Pinta island subspecies and had become an ambassador of sorts for the islands off Ecuador’s coast whose unique flora and fauna helped inspire Charles Darwin’s ideas on evolution. The tortoise’s age was not known but scientists believed he was about 100, not especially old for giant tortoises, which can live well over a century.

9.Which among the following children’s writer’s literary work ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and ‘Angry River ‘ will now be available as comics?
[A]Leela Majumdar
[B]Ruskin Bond
[C]Nirad C. Choudhuri
[D]Mulk Raj Anand

Ruskin Bond

10.The largest investment in single-brand retailing ever since the government has allowed FDI in this sector has been proposed by :

Option [B]
In one of the biggest foreign direct investment (FDI) initiatives, Swedish home furnishing major IKEA has proposed a whopping Rs.10,500-crore (1.5 billion euro) investment to set up 25 stores under the single-brand retail category. IKEA Group, which manufactures and sells home and office furnishing products, proposes to invest in single-brand retail trading in India through a 100 per cent subsidiary. This will be the largest investment in single-brand retailing ever since the government has allowed FDI in this sector in January 2012.

11.A new Central scheme called ‘Swadhar Greh’ is being launched to protect destitute women in which of the following Indian States?
[D]Madhya Pradesh

Option [B]
It would also cover women who are under social and economic family tension or discord, are made to leave their homes without any means of subsistence and have no special protection from exploitation or facing litigation on account of material disputes. It would also safeguard trafficked women besides girls who are rescued or run away from brothels or other places where they face exploitation. Women affected by domestic violence could stay up to one year while other categories could stay up to three years. Older women above the age of 55 could be accommodated for a maximum of five years after which they would have to be shifted to old age home or such other institutions. Girls up to the age of 18 and boys up to the age of 12 would be allowed to stay in the ‘Swadhar Greh’ with their mothers.

12.Ahead of the monetary review of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), State Bank of India (SBI) has reduced its lending rates between 0.5 percentage point to 3.5 percentage points mainly for :
[A]Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) and Agriculture Sector
[B]Infrastructure and Corporate Sector
[C]Shipping and Heavy Industries
[D]Education and Home Loans

Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) and Agriculture Sector

13.The G-20 Summit 2012 was held from June 18–19 in :
[A]Los Cabos
[B]La Aquila
[C]St. Petersburg

Los Cabos (Mexico)

14.Dr. Daniel Hillel has been awarded the World Food Prize(WFP)-2012 for which among the following achievements?
[A]Developing Africa’s first sorghum hybrids resistant to drought and the parasitic witchweed.
[B]Conceiving and implementing micro-irrigation in arid and dry land regions.
[C]Creating and implementing government policies to alleviate hunger and poverty in their countries.
[D]Development and dissemination of low-cost techniques for freshwater fish farming by the rural poor.

Option [B]
It was recognition of the importance of efficient water use in agricultural practices that undergirded the announcement of this year’s winner of World Food Prize (WFP), Israeli scientist Daniel Hillel. Dr. Hillel was given the prestigious award, established in 1987 by Nobel Peace Prize winner and Green Revolution champion Norman Borlaug, for pioneering a “radically innovative way of bringing water to crops in arid and dry-land regions.”

15.Recently, which of the following Indian States has recommended its five monuments to UNESCO for world heritage status?
[B]Uttar Pradesh

The five monuments are Ranthambore Fort, Gagrone Fort Jhalawar fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Amber Fort and Kumbhalgarh Fort. While Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajsamand have the second-longest continuous wall after the Great Wall of China, Gagron Fort in Jhalawar is the only fort which is surrounded by water on four sides. Amber Fort in Jaipur is known for a distinct architectural style which has both Mughal and Rajput influence. Chittorgarh Fort is famous for its historicity and Sawai Madhopur Fort in Ranthambhore is totally surrounded by forests.

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