Quiz 411: General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.In which country is located “National Football Museum” which keeps FIFA collection?

2.Kazakhstan is a part of which of the following continental confederations recognized by FIFA?
(A)Asian Football Confederation
(B)Confederation Africaine de Football
(C)Union of European Football Associations
(D)None of them

3.From which country was first FIFA World Player of the year ?

4.What is the Rank of Maharashtra in terms of rural population in India?

5.Which among the following is the largest district of Maharashtra in terms of Area?

6.Which state is largest producer of total coarse cereals in India?
(B)Madhya Pradesh
(D)Andhra Pradesh

Please note that during 2007-08, Rajasthan led in Total Coarse Cereals production with 17.47% share in all India production. Maharastra was second, with a share of 17.40% all India production. However, in 2009-10, the area under cultivation of Total coarse cereals has substantially reduced due to drought. The latest estimations rank Maharastra on number 1 in the Total Coarse cereals Production.

7.What is India’s ranking in latest FIFA world Rankings?

8.N.G. Ranga Award is related to which of the following fields?
(B)Social Service

9.Which among the following is India’s first ministry to have an account on twitter?
(A)Ministry of Commerce and Industry
(B)Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(C)Ministry of Finance
(D)Home Ministry

10.In which state is located the largest National park in North East India?
(C)Arunachal Pradesh

11.In which of the following countries is located a UN Mission named MONUSCO?
(A)Sri Lanka

12.Who among the following was the chairman of Second Administrative Reforms Commission?
(A)V. Ramachandran
(B)A.P. Mukherjee
(C)Veerappa Moily
(D)Vijay kelkar

13.Who among the following was the leader of Mahagujarat Movement:?
(A)Sardar Patel
(B)Indulal Yagnik
(C)Savjibhai Korat
(D)Vinubhai Patel

14.Which of the following sections of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act. prohibits the conducting of admission test in schools?
(A)Section 10
(B)Section 11
(C)Section 13
(D)Section 14

15.Bessemer process has been used in which of the following industries?

16.which among the following has the responsibility to determine the character of a cell?

17.Which among the following is the fuel used in fast breeder test reactor at Kalpakkam?
(D)Uranium 238

Please note that Kamini is the only reactor in the world to use Uranium-233 type fuel, which is converted from Thorium. Our country has large deposits of thorium resource but a limited one of uranium resource. To effectively utilise the available resources in the country, India has devised a three-stage nuclear power programme. The first stage involves utilisation of the available natural uranium in the country for power generation in Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs). The second stage involves power generation by the utilisation of plutonium obtained from reprocessing the spent PHWR fuel in Fast Breeder Reactors (FBRs). The reactor cores of the FBRs will have depleted uranium as blanket material initially to facilitate a faster growth of capacity addition. The FBRs will later have thorium as blanket material to generate uranium 233 for deployment in the Th-233U cycle based reactor systems of the third stage of our nuclear power programme. Thorium-based fuels are reprocessed using the THOREX process, which is similar to the PUREX process for uranium and plutonium. Kamini uses indigenously developed mixed uranium-plutonium carbide fuel core in which the Uranium 233 is developed using the Thorium. So among the given options Thorium is the answer.

18.A vehicle moving on a circular path experiences ________?
(A)centripetal force
(B)centrifugal force
(C)gravitational force
(D)None of them

19.Pearl is mainly made up of which among the following?
(B)Calcium Carbonate
(D)Sodium Carbonate

20.Which among the following is the most populous democracy in the world?

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    sir , questions r good but plz elaborate Q no.3 4 10 .. and sir i have one more Query.in my knowledge there are 9 countries including latest canada with which india has signed deal in nuclear pacts. but somewhere mentions that there is only 8.can u plz clarify the confusion ..


  • Anonymous

    I have checked Question No 6 its Rajasthan for total cereal production and Question No 17 the fuel used is not thorium its Plutonium Uranium Carbide fuel.Please check and confirm

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    plz chek answer of que 10

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    the answer for que10 is

    Kaziranga National Park – Assam as searched by me…plz clarify

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    In quiz 411 question no 14 "conducting"should be replaced by "conduction" as article "the" must be preceded by a noun or its equivalent not by a participle or a verb.

    pratyush (an admirer and follower of gk today)

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    A vehicle moving on a circular path experiences Centrifugal force which is balanced by friction between road and tyres working as centripetal force.

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    why tyres are made of only black colour.?

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    sir India's rank in FIFA 2010 is 133. plz correct it sir

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    sir the answer of Q.18 should be centrifugal force…….