Quiz 336: Miscellaneous General Knowledge

1.In which part of the human body “Pleura” is found?

2.What does NT stands for in Windows NT?
(A)New Technology
(B)Network Technology
(D)Network Ten
(E)Net Tech

3.Hodophobia is a fear associated with which of the following?

4.Syed Modi, Vimal Kumar and Rajeev Bagga have been the National champions of which of the following sports?
(B)Table Tennis

5.In which profession a qualification FRCS is awarded in many parts of the world?

6.Who among the following South Indian Stars was in a lead role in Bloodstone (1988) movie, which was mainly filmed in South India?
(A)Mohan Kumar
(C)Prabhu Ganeshan
(D)Kamal Hassan
(E)Arvind Swamy

7.Which among the following is a correct definition of Saprophytes?
(A)A parasitic plant that can complete its life cycle independent of a host
(B)A heterotrophic plant that feeds upon other living plants
(C)A heterotrophic plant that feeds upon dead organic matter
(D)A plant that is unable to synthesize a particular organic compound
(E)None of them

8.In context with astronomy , what is Ceres?
(A)A galaxy
(B)A dwarf Planet
(C)A star
(D)A nebula
(E)A natural satellite

9.Which of the following country has the official name of “Dhivehi Jumhuriya” in its local language?

10.World’s oldest co-educational boarding school Dollar Academy is located in which of the following countries?
(A)United States

11.SOFAR is a phenomenon which plays an important role in submarine warfare & also known as deep sound channel. Which of the following is correct full form of SOFAR?
(A)Sound Field Radio Ranging
(B)Sound Fixing and Altering Range
(C)Sound Fixing and Ranging channel
(D)Sound Fixing and Auto Reflection
(E)None of them

12.Which of the following famous leader had the original name Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili?
(A)Vladimir Lenin
(B)Joseph Stalin
(C)Benito Mussolini
(D)Mikhail Gorbachev
(E)None of them

13.Ballistics is a branch of science that deals with which of the following?
(A)Geologic study of the behavior of soil and rock
(B)Motion of multibody systems subjected to unilateral contacts and friction
(C)Flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles
(D)Kinetic energy of a system
(E)Behavior, and effects of stress on bodies

14.In which of the following sports Kamlesh Mehta and S. Raman were India’s national champions?
(A)Lawn Tennis
(B)Table Tennis

15.What was the first route of the super fast Rajdhani Express which was introduced in 1969?
(A)New Delhi to Mumbai Central
(B)New Delhi to Howrah
(C)New Delhi to Chennai Central
(D)New Delhi to Bangalore
(E)None of them

16. In which state is located Shore Temple?
(D)Andhra Pradesh

17.Who among the following coined the term Bacterium?
(A)Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
(B) Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg
(C)Louis Pasteur
(D)Robert Koch
(E)Paul Ehrlich

18.”Marauder from Matara” is a sobriquet of a player who plays the following sports?
(C)Lawn Tennis
(D)Table Tennis

19.In which continent is located Błędów Desert ?
(D)North America

20.Which of the following stadiums in India was the first to Host a Test match in Independent India?
(A)Gymkhana Ground, Mumbai
(B)Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
(C)Eden Gardens, Kolkata
(D)Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
(E)M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

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    NT stands for in Windows NT is New Technology

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