Quiz 284 : General Knowledge for All Exams : Level Basic

1.Who among the following has been credited with the designing of the logo and flag of the united nations?
(A)Willie Kavanaugh Hocker
(B)Mildred Callahan Jones
(C)Betsy Ross
(D)Donal McLaughlin
(E)Whitney Smith

2.In which year Calcutta Flag designed by Sachindra Prasad Bose unfurled in Calcutta?

3.During the world war II which among the following was not a major Axis Power?

4.What is the another name of Earth Summit?
(A)Geneva Summit
(B)Brasilia Summit
(C)Rio Summit
(D)Berne summit
(E)World Summit

5.Rabat is located in which of the following countries?
(E)None of them

6.Which among the following denotes the main function of Bank of International Settlement?
(A)A Bank for financial arbitration
(B)A bank for central banks
(C)A bank for Cheap loans
(D)A bank for European Investment
(E)All of above

7.Which among the following statement is not correct?
(A)First man to step onto the Moon was American
(B)First man to orbit the earth was a Russian
(C)First man to voyage around Cape of Good Hope was a Portuguese
(D)First man to Discover New Zealand was a Portuguese
(E)First man to explore south pacific was English

8.In which of the following countries is located the Forbidden city ?

9.Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi is related to which of the following structures?
(A)Sears Tower
(B)Gateway Arch
(C)Statue of Liberty
(D)Eiffel Tower
(E)Golden Gate Bridge

10.Which among the following is a Biggest Sea by size?
(A)Mediterranean Sea
(B)South China Sea
(C)Gulf of Mexico
(D)Andaman Sea
(E)Arabian Sea

11.Which among the following River is not in Asia?

12.Which among the following is the largest Bay of the world?
(A)Bay of Bengal
(B)Hudson Bay
(C)Blacksod Bay
(D)Sandy Bay, Gibraltar
(E)Bay of Arabat

13.Which among the following mountain peaks is not in Himalayan Range?
(C)Lhotse I
(D)Cho Oyu
(E)Nanga parbat

14.Which of the following country has topped the Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009 which is released by World Economic Forum as a technological readiness ranking under the theme Mobility in a Networked World, ?
(C)United States

15.Which country is the “Most Educated Country” of the world?
(A)United States

16.In which of the following states in India 838 temples of a particular religion located on one mountain?

17.In which of the following countries majority of the population is Sunni Muslims?

and the rest of the Arab world.
18.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)INS Shivaji – Lonavala
(B)INS Saatvahana – Paradip
(C)INS Valsura – Jamnagar
(D)INS Asvini – Mumbai
(E)INS Agrani – Coiambatore

19.How many automatic weather stations Metropolitan Weather Information and Forecast System for the NCR of Delhi is planning for Commonwealth games of 2010?

20.Which of the following institute of CSIR is located in Dhanbad?
(A)Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology
(B)Central Fuel Research Institute
(C)National Aerospace Laboratories
(D)Indian Institute of Petroleum
(E)Central Food Technological Research Institute,

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