Quiz 283 : General Awareness for All Examinations

1.Which among the following is the highest mountain in Europe?
(A)Mount Elbrus
(E)None of them

2.What is the current number of members of Colombo Plan?

3.Which year is known for India’s Smiling Buddha?

4.Chamonix which is known for first Winter Olympic Games is located in which of the following countries?

5.Van Diemen’s Land was the original name given to which of the following countries/ states?
(A)New Zealand
(D)South Africa

6.Where is located the Calico Textile Museum?
(E)New Delhi

7.Which among the following is oldest European settlement in India?
(A)Fort Aguada
(B)Allahabad fort
(C)Cochin Fort
(D)Barabati Fort
(E)Bahu Fort

8.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)Shey Palace – Ladakh
(B)Lalitha Mahal – Mysore
(C)Sheesh Mahal – Punjab
(D)Dutch Palace – Pondicherry
(E)Bir Singh Palace – Madhya Pradesh

9.In which of the following states of India, the earliest settlements of Jews are found?

10.Bishnupur which is famous for terracotta temples is located in which state of India?
(B)West Bengal

11.In which of the following state in India are found the earliest known temples of Gupta Period in Good shape?
(B)Tamil Nadu
(C)Madhya Pradesh
(D)Jammu & Kashmir

12.Which among the following in Goa houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier?
(A)Se Cathedral
(B)Basilica of Bom Jesus
(C)Church of St. Anne
(D) S. Caetano
(E)None of them

13.Which among the following place is not associated with Jain Temples?

14.Where in Uttar Pradesh is located Atala masjid?

15.Chorten is a term related to which of the following religion?

16.Which among the following was India’s first indigenously made color film.?
(B)Kisan Kanya
(E)None of them

17.Who among the following actors is known to be the First James Bond?
(A)Roger Moore
(B)Sean Connery
(C)Timothy Dalton
(D)Pierce Brosnan
(E)Daniel Craig

18.Dhundiraj Govind was the first name of which of the following legends of Indian Cinema?
(A)Dada Saheb Phalke
(B)Dev Anand
(C)Guru Datt
(D)Prithviraj Kapoor
(E)Ramanand Sagar

19.Who among the following Indian painters was elected as Associate of the Grand Salon in Paris in 1933?
(A)Asit Kumar Haldar
(B)M F Hussain
(C)Amrita Shergill
(D)K Mazumdar
(E)None of them

20.Pandavani is a traditional dance/ drama/ theatre of which of the following states?
(E)West Bengal

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