PM PVTG Development Mission

Article 336 of the constitution allows GoI to make special arrangements for certain communities. Using this provision, the Government created the category of ST. However, some of the tribes in the country prefer to live isolated and remain secluded. Such tribes do not receive social benefits from the schemes launched by GoI. They are referred to as the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group. During the 2023 Budget, the GoI launched the PM PVTG Development Mission.

About PM PVTG Development Mission

  • Rs 15,000 crores was allocated for the mission
  • The allocated fund will be used to provide the following facilities to the PVTG:
    • Sanitation
    • Safe Housing
    • Access to Health
    • Access to education
    • Connectivity
  • Socio-Economic conditions of PVTG will be improved
  • Also, the mission will provide the following facilities as well:
    • Clean drinking water
    • Spread awareness of nutritious food
    • Sustainable livelihood


The scheme will bring in changes and will benefit more than 3.5 lakh tribes in the country. The 2023 budget is the last full budget before the 2024 parliament elections. Most of the schemes, welfare measures, and education initiatives focused on tribal development. Also, most of the schemes targeted infrastructural development in the tribal areas.




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