Offshore Patrol Vessel: Saksham

The Goa Shipyard Limited recently launched the fifth and final Offshore Patrol Vessel ICGS (Indian Coast Guard Ship) Saksham. It is to be commissioned by October 2021.

About the Offshore Patrol Vessels

  • These Patrol Vessels are armed with 30-mm guns.
  • They weigh 2,350 tonnes.
  • The hull of these vessels is designed to provide high fuel efficiency, sea-keeping qualities and crew comfort.
  • They are equipped to handle emergencies.
  • The OPVs are to be equipped with Quick Response Boats for anti-piracy and rescue operations
  • The ICGS Saksham was constructed under the Indigenous Offshore Patrol Project.
  • These ICGS are to be deployed in protecting the Exclusive Economic Zone of India.

Indigenous Off Shore Patrol Project

The Project was launched by PM Narendra Modi in 2016. Under the project, five Indian Coast Guard Ships are to be launched. Two Offshore Patrol Vessels have already been commissioned namely ICGS Sachet and ICGS Sujeet. These OPVs are to be deployed in protecting the Exclusive Economic Zone of the territorial waters.

In August 2020, the Indian Coast Guard Ship Sarthak was launched. It was the fourth in the series. The third in the series called ICGS Sajag was launched in November 2019.

All these five OPVs are of Samarth class. The other Samarth class OPVs are ICGS Shoor, ICGS Sarathi, ICGS Shaurya, ICGS Sujay, ICGS Shaunak and ICGS Samarth.

Vikram Class Coast Guard Ship

The Vikram Class Offshore Patrol Vessels are being built at Katupalli Shipyard by L&T. They are long range surface ships. They are to be deployed for coastal and offshore patrolling. Around seven offshore patrol vessels are being built. It includes ICGS Vikram, ICGS Veera, ICGS Varaha, ICGS Vigraha, ICGS Vajra, ICGS Veera, ICGS Vijaya.

The Vikram class is to be armed with 30-mm Naval guns, two 12.7 mm heavy machine guns. The Vikram-class was preceded by Samarth class Offshore Patrol Vessels.


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