European Union to sanction Russia and Belarus

On October 12, 2020, the European Union agreed to impose sanctions on Russia for poisoning the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.  Imposition of sanction was initiated by France and Germany.

What is the issue?

Navalny was an anti-corruption investigator. He was the major political opponent of Vladimir Putin the Russian president. He fell ill on August 20 2020 during a domestic flight. He was then flown to Germany E for a treatment and the still recovering there.

The tests conducted by the organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirm that he has become a victim of the novichok nerve agent.

What are novichok nerve agents?

Novichok means New comer in Russian language.  It is a group of Advanced nerve agents that were developed by the Soviet Union in 1970 and 1980. These nerve agents have the capability to escape protection by international inspectors.

What are nerve agents?

They are also called nerve gases. They are organic Chemicals that disrupt the mechanism by which nerves transfer messages to organs. This is done by the chemical by blocking the enzyme acetyl Cholinesterase.

Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

In 2017 The Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons a confirmed destruction of 39967 metric tons of chemical weapons possessed by Russia.

Sanctions on Belarus

the sanctions on Belarus includes travel Ban against Lukashenko. He is the leader who is ruling Belarus since 1994. Belarus is already under sanctions from UK and us. The previous sanction from European union was lifted in 2016. Lukashenko had Locked Up most of the opposition candidates and chased the main Contender Svetlanda Tikhanovskaya to Lithuania.

Other sanctions

The European Union has agreed to impose sanctions on people and organisations that are involved in the use of chemical weapons. The Syria scientific studies and research centre is also subjected to European Union sanctions for development of chemical weapons.


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