Odisha Govt to set up District Investment Promotion Agencies (DIPA)

The State of Odisha has decided to set up the dedicated “District Investment Promotion Agencies (DIPA)” in 30 districts of the state. The DIPA will help in promoting and facilitating the investment in the state.

Significance of the move

The state of Odisha has observed the significant industrial development in last two decades. This large-scale increase in the investment has necessitated the stronger facilitation and handholding of the industrial projects at the level of districts. This industrial development will help in creating the employment opportunities for youth.

About DIPA

The District Investment Promotion Agencies will be set up in 30 districts of the state. It will operate under the leadership of respective District Collector and other constituent members senior district officials such as SPs, DFOs and line Department officials. The District Collector will be supported by the team of professionals to provide the investment facilitation, project monitoring and to promote the local entrepreneurship. It will be established at the District Collectorate. DIPA will work as an extended arm of IPICOL. It will be set up in phased manner from April 2021 to December 2021. Performance of the DIPAs will be look after by the “State Level Single Window Clearance Authority”.

Key Role of DIPA

DIPA will perform the following key roles:

  1. To facilitate and handhold the entrepreneurs during project implementation.
  2. To promote the enterprises in order to create large-scale employment.
  3. To promote the investment providing boost to the local strengths of respective districts.
  4. To ensure the early resolution of the investor grievances.
  5. To create the land bank for the fast project implementation.
  6. To closely monitor the implementation of the power supply, major road and water supply projects. These projects in turn will facilitate the industrialization and economic growth.
  7. To set up large and MSME projects in each district.


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