Exercise Kavach: To be held under Andaman and Nicobar Command

The Indian Army is to conduct a large scale joint military exercise Kavach in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal. The exercise is to be held under the aegis of Andaman and Nicobar Command.

About the Exercise

  • The Joint Military Exercise Kavach will involve Indian Navy, Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard.
  • During the exercise, the joint forces will execute high density offensive and defence measures in the Andaman sea and Bay of Bengal. Also, they will carry out amphibious landing operations, helicopter borne insertion of special forces from sea culminating in tactical follow-on operations on land.
  • The exercise is to fine tune the joint war capabilities of all the three forces of India.
  • Kavach Exercise will also involve coordinated air and maritime strikes, synergized application of maritime surveillance assets, air defence and landing operations.

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Exercise

Along with Kavach Exercise, the Joint Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Exercise will also be held. The ISR will validate capabilities of intelligence gathering. Also, it will validate capabilities of information sharing from space, land, air and sea.

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance of India

  • The Heron Unmanned Vehicle of the Indian Air Force has been assigned the task of intelligence and surveillance. Heron UAV Fleet was bought from Israel. The ground based ISR capabilities of India includes Daksh. Daksh is a remote ground-based sensor. The regiment of artillery is using Israeli assisted SATA. SATA is Searcher for Surveillance and Target Acquisition.
  • The Black Hornet UAV is used by the National Security Guards for reconnaissance purpose.
  • India is focusing on helicopters, UAVs and aircrafts to increase its ISR roles.

China’s Surveillance

China has developed ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) and SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar). SAR cover a small area, while ELINT covers al larger area for Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Exercises.


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