European Union’s 2030 Digital Compass plan

The European Union has released its plan called “2030 Digital Compass Plan”. This plan was put forward after the Covid-19 pandemic exposed the 27-countries reliance on the key technologies owned by the Chinese and the U.S. companies. The plan will be presented to the Parliament for the final approval.


The plan was released because, the European Union wants to produce the fifth global output of the cutting-edge semiconductors by the end of this decade. EU also seeks to make its first quantum computer in five years. This move is being taken in an effort to cut down its dependence on the technologies coming from the non-European countries.

About 2030 Digital Compass plan

The 2030 plan highlights the importance of semiconductors which are used in the connected cars, internet-linked devices, smartphones, high performance computers and artificial intelligence. The semiconductors are significant because there exists a global shortage which is shutting down car factories across the world. So, with this policy, the EU proposes for the production of cutting-edge and sustainable semiconductors in Europe to at least 20% of the world production in value. This plan also recommends for investing into the quantum technologies. EU is of the view that, quantum technologies will be a game changer in order to develop the new medicines and to speed up the genome sequencing. The EU has also aimed that, by 2025, Europe will have its first computer with quantum acceleration. This is making ways for Europe to boost the quantum capabilities by 2030. The plan also called for 10,000 climate-neutral facilities to help Europe in developing its own cloud infrastructure by 2030.

Aim of the Plan

It also seeks to double the unicorns, or companies with $1 billion valuation. The plan also aims for covering all the European households with the Gigabit network by 2030. It also seeks to cover all populated areas by 5G.


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