Delhi Govt Presents ‘Deshbhakti’ Budget

The Delhi government presented the budget for financial year 2021-2022 on March 9, 2021. The government presented a ₹69,000-crore budget which was themed on patriotism.


Budget was presented by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia. While presenting the budget, he announced that the government has decided to celebrate 75th Independence Day of India. The Delhi government will hold programmes from March 12, 2021 which will last for 75 weeks.

Key Highlights of the Budget

The Deputy Chief Minister announced that, under the “Deshbhakti Budget”, government has proposed to allocate Rupees 45 crores in order to install high masts so as to hoist the national flag at 500 places in Delhi. The Deshbhakti period will be organised in the city schools. The budget highlights that, the government seeks to increase the per capita income of the Delhi in order to reach to the level of Singapore by year 2047. The government will also allocate rupees 10 crores for the programmes on Bhagat Singh’s life during the Deshbhakti celebrations. This year’s budget accounts for the budget outlay of more than 6.1 percent than the budget presented for financial 2020-21.

Economy of Delhi

Economy of Delhi is the 13th largest in all the states and union territories. The nominal GSDP of Delhi was estimated at rupees 6.86 lakh crores for the fiscal year 2017-18. In the year 2014-15, the growth rate was 9.2%. In the year 2017-18, the tertiary sector had contributed about 85% of the GSDP in Delhi while the secondary and primary sectors contributed 12% and 3% respectively. The services sector had recorded the annual growth of 7.3%. National Capital Territory is the largest commercial centre in the north India. The recent estimates, as of 2020, the economy of Urban area in Delhi was accounted for dollar 295 billion.


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