NOKIA changes its logo

The smartphone giant NOKIA recently changed its brand identity for the first time in 60 years. The telecom equipment maker is now focusing on growth. The iconic blue colour of NOKIA was dropped. And a new logo has been adopted. The new logo has five different shapes.

With the new logo, NOKIA is sending information to the international market. The changed logo says NOKIA has emerged as a technology company. According to NOKIA, the world is of the assumption that the company produces only smartphones. But it is not so. NOKIA is into the technology business and not the Smartphone business. To deliver this to the international market, NOKIA changed its logo.

Why did Nokia fail in India?

Trends in India changed significantly in 2007. Nokia failed to adapt to the changing trends. Competition increased aggressively and NOKIA couldn’t withstand the competition.


It is a Finnish company. It is in the business of information technology, multinational telecommunication, consumer electronics, etc. The company is spread over 100 countries. In terms of revenue, it is the 415th largest company. In 2009, it was in the 85th position. NOKIA grew after Pekka Lundmark became the CEO in 2020.

  • Nokia signed a contract with NASA to build a 4G mobile network on the moon
  • Flipkart-NOKIA collaboration to sell NOKIA products in India




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