Carabao Cup 2023: Manchester United wins

The Carabao cup is also called the EFL cup. It is a major football trophy played in England. More than 92 clubs participate in the knockout competition. In 2023, the trophy was won by Manchester United. Liverpool is the most successful club in the competition. The team has won more than nine championships. (Carabao is an energy drink in Thailand). Winning the Carabao cup is essential to enter the UEFA Champions League. Apart from winning the Carabao cup, the team should also finish the Premier League in the top four.


The final battle was fought between Manchester United and Newcastle. Manchester United is winning the trophy after six years. Newcastle is a Saudi Arabia-backed club.

UEFA Champions League

This championship league is conducted among top European clubs. Around 80 clubs participate in the championship. It is organized by the Union of European Football Association. The participating clubs receive 5 million Euros apart from winning prize money.



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